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Sanyo PLV-Z4 vs. Optoma H79 - LCD vs DLP

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ProjectorCentral put Optoma H79 and Sanyo PLV-Z4 side-by-side. If this review came couple of years ago I would not even read it. Or would read it just to satisfy the urge to see inferiority of LCD. Times changed, things changed. But don't get your hopes to high because DLP is still the king ( and costs more :) ). This is a second review of this kind. First, was not actually a review but a bold move by Panasonic to unveil their AE-PT900 side-by-side with $50,000 Christie digital projector. Apparently it was successful. At least that's what reports say.
Anyways, lets cut to the point. Here is a quote of choice:
Assuming you plan to resolve the 480i deinterlacing issue one way or the other, the Z4 can then be placed side by side with the H79 with some very interesting results. The first thing that becomes evident is that the Z4 delivers a sharper image than the H79. Now the H79 has a clean enough image, to be sure, and standing alone it looks fine. But the Z4 is so razor sharp that it makes the H79 look soft. And the difference in image acuity between these two projectors is the same regardless of whether the source is standard DVD or HDTV 720p or 1080i, and whether it is video or data graphics. We have seen projectors that rival the image sharpness of the Z4, but they are usually in the $10,000 and up price range. We have not yet seen anything in the low $2,000's that can match it. And by the way, this is true even with the sharpness control turned almost all the way to the Off position. The Z4's sharpness scale runs from a minimum position of -7 to a maximum enhancement position of +7; we set it at -5 for all of our comparative testing.
And their conclusion:
Thus, Sanyo has made an extraordinary statement with the PLV-Z4, which is that LCD can no longer be viewed as a second class video technology that must compete by undercutting the price of its DLP competition. Rather, LCD has the demonstrated potential to outperform DLP head to head, regardless of price considerations. The implications of this are far-reaching, and will have an impact on industry price structure, traditional distribution channels, and the direction of new product development. In our view, the PLV-Z4 is destined to become one of the most influential product releases we have ever seen.
My take on this is simple - get PLV-Z4 - it is CHEAPER. And do not forget a deinterlacer such as DWIN TranScanner 3. In fact this particular couple will make it a great source of entertainment.

Source: ProjectorCentral

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