Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Naim n-Vi Home Theater Processor

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Naim n-Vi Home Cinema solution is currently available for purchase for £2,995 ( about $5300 ) at the company's dealers. This unit can be named ( NAIMED ) as a DVD player / AV Recevier. It does have inputs for plugging in external sources and most importantly the device is upgradeable. For example you can buy an optional DAB and FM tuner module with clock and alarm features or a video scaler. That makes this unit a very competitive even with its high prices tag, which for Naim lovers might not be an issue at all. Shown in the picture is a set with n series speakers that complement the n-Vi but of course sold separately. Here is the list of specs from AVReview UK:

- DVI Digital video output for direct digital display connection (HCDP enabled)
- Faroudja ‘Progressive scan’ chip
- Scaler/video processor upgrade available spring 2006 giving ‘pixel for pixel’ compatibility with digital display device. Includes an external video input
- Three external analogue and three external digital audio inputs for playback of external sources (digital TV, iPod, tape etc)
- Burr Brown 6 channel enhanced multi-level delta-sigma DACs (up to 192kHz/24-bit)
- High performance Tripath Class-T 5-channel amplifier (50W 8 ohms and 90W 4 ohms)
- Upgrade DAB and FM tuner module with clock and alarm features
- Simultaneous progressive scan on the BNC high definition output and interlaced video on Scart video outputs (RGB/YUV, s-video or composite).
- 128x64 PLED graphical display with intelligent font scaling
- Modular design allows design flexibility and future upgrades for new video and audio formats
- Bi-directional RS232 port for connection for custom install into ‘intelligent homes’
- Aluminium chassis and multi-layer FR4 PCBs

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Source: AVReview UK

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