Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Naim's CD555 CD Player - Claimed Best!

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According to Naim this is the best CD player ever built. And by saying that you already know that you will need a home equity loan to buy one of this. How £15,000 sounds.? Or $26500?
This unit is built on the idea that all components, such as power supply, DACs, etc, must be aways from each other to minimize any noise. The company uses Burndy interconnects to carry digital , and analog supplies separate from each other. But, as AVReview UK notes: "Impressive sure, but whether these features help warrant the asking price remains to be seen".

Here are some mostly engineering highlights for CD555:

Machined transport tray.
Low infra red reflective coatings around CD to reduce eye pattern interference and noise.
Low inertia and low resonance CD clamp.
Philips Pro CD mechanism. Die-cast chassis.
Brass sub-chassis, separate for digital and analogue electronics.
Analogue stages, I-to-V conversion, filtering and output driver are from discrete parts.
Seven-pole output filters.
Separate low jitter clock circuit with its own multi-stage regulated power supply.
Post digital filter de-jitter circuitry eliminates jitter.
DACs isolated from electric and magnetic fields.
Motorised door, top loader.
Naim's CD555 will be available in December. Hope someone presents me with one of these for Christmas.

Source: AVReview UK

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