Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ZVOX Mini Sound Console Amplified Audio System Review

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Last year ZVOX introduced their 315 Sound Console. This time it is the mini version of the same product with the same technology underneath. The ZVOX Mini Sound Console Amplified Audio System, as its bigger brother imitates surround sound. There are other systems out in the market that do that, most influencial being Yamaha YSP-1 and Polk Audio SurroundBar.
Home Theater Magazine reviews ZVOX Mini Sound Console with following highlights:

Drastic improvement over most onboard TV audio in about two minutes.
Compact new styling allows placement in even tighter spaces, or on the go.
User-friendly design tweaks, though naturally not quite as big sounding as a full 5.1 system.

No one says that ZVOX mini is an audiophile grade, but for $200 it is much better than what you have right now with your TV with the convenience of a single box installed-in-a-second solution. You can also get a carrying case and a rechargeable battery for taking it with you on a trip.

Read the review at HomeTheaterMag.com

Product page at ZVOX Audio

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Vizio P42HDTV Review Roundup

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Vizio P42HDTV is the lowest priced 42 inch plasma in US. It can be owned for less than $1500 (I think Costco's price is $1400). The price also reflects some shortcuts such as inaccurate gamma and grayscale, false contouring, noise. While it cannot satisfy snobs it is can be a perfect replacement for people who do not demand highest quality and prefer the lower price. Here is the list of reviews:
Product specifications and accessories can be found on Vizio's web site
If you'd rather own a 50 inch from Vizio, check out Vizio P50HD Review Roundup

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Pioneer PDP-436SXE 43in Plasma TV Review

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Pioneer PDP 436SXE 43in Plasma TV
PDP-436SXE 43in Plasma TV is the relatively low priced model for European market. The plasma TV is built with Pioneers 'deep waffle rib' s, Crystal Emissive Layer designed to boost contrast and sharpness, and a Direct Color Filter that decreases the glare.
By TrustedReviews opinion , while picture quality is superb, there is a lack of PC connection, audio is not first class ( how could that be tolerated :) ) and the price (£2,300.00) is not low enough compared to similar products.

Read the full review at TrustedReviews.com

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