Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Projector/DVD Combo from Optoma

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Last week Optoma introduced MovieTime DV10 DLP projector/DVD combo. Projector is listed at many resellers web sites but not yet available for purchase. Edit: Due to be launched in August.

Known facts:
MSRP: $1499
Native Resolution: 854x480 DLP DarkChip 2
Lamp: 200W 1000 lumen.

This projector supports scaled down high definition signals. Lens is short throw so setting it in front of the audience will be no problem. Suggested screen on their web is 1.8 gain. High gain screen is most likely marketed for people who want to leave the kitchen light on while watching. This is not a dedicated projector but more of a take-to-neighbors-party. By the way, it even has two 5 watt speakers.

Combos are great for casual viewing if one don’t or can’t dedicate a room – as long as you have a white (or off white without flower imprints) wall this is a great option. Ping us when you see one. We’d like to hear your story.

Source: Optoma

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