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Orange, CT – October 2006 – Krell Industries proudly announces shipping of the Evolution 403 and 900 amplifiers from their recently introduced Evolution series. The Evolution-branded products extend the series with new power amplifiers that represent the culmination of 25 years of Krell design and manufacturing excellence.

All Evolution power amplifiers were engineered to be a natural extension of their flagship counterpart; the Evolution One amplifier. Taking what they learned from this benchmark product, Krell designed the Evolution 403 and 900 with the same no-holds-barred approach to create an entire lineup of amplifiers that are without peer.

Krell’s new Evolution 403 is a three-channel power amplifier rated at 400-watts that features Krell’s proprietary CAST (Current Audio Signal Transmission) circuitry which utilizes current gain topologies allowing the signal to remain in the current domain from input to output. Keeping signals in the current domain avoids unnecessary current to voltage conversions that add distortion, require heavy feedback and severely limit bandwidth.

Like its inspiration the Evolution One, Krell’s Evolution 900 is a 900-watt monaural amplifier featuring Krell’s performance enhancing CAST circuitry and the power to push any speaker to its absolute limit. Both the 403 and 900 utilize a 6000 VA power supply that makes use of extensive electrical and magnetic shielding to keep radiated interference out of critical amplifier circuits. Also featured is the Active Cascode Topology which eliminates global negative feedback (only nested local feedback is employed around individual gain blocks) resulting is an extraordinarily open, liquid and effortless sound.

Other innovative features of Krell’s new amplifiers include internal high current line conditioning circuitry which filters RF noise on the AC mains, while compensating for asymmetric power waveforms and DC on the mains. The rails powering the amplifiers' low level and gain stages are regulated twice for total immunity from fluctuations in the AC mains and virtually noise-free output. Advanced microprocessor control monitors critical operational parameters – bias, load impedance, regulator output voltages and operating temperature are all continuously monitored.

The aesthetic of the new Evolution Series takes Krell’s industrial design to an entirely new level. The machined custom aluminum chassis feature a 1.5-inch faceplate that not only looks incredible but fronts the resonance free environment that houses the sensitive electronics contained within. All Evolution series components maintain the stout and structurally sound build quality Krell is known for with the Krell-coat finish giving the components a timeless look with a feel that is inviting and built to last. Components are available in diamond-cut silver or luxurious black finish.

Pricing for both the Evolution 403 and the 900 is $20,000.

For more information, please visit

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MPEG Surround at Audio Engineering Society AES 121: Standardization Finalized, Software for Evaluation and Development Available

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Inventors to demonstrate feature-rich surround sound technique at AES in San Francisco

San Francisco, October 5, 2006 — Agere Systems, Coding Technologies, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and Philips, the inventors behind the new MPEG Surround audio compression technique, will showcase their technology at Audio Engineering Society AES 121 on October 6-8.

The event follows by two weeks finalization of the specifications under the MPEG-D standard on September 22. Only formal approval by the national bodies remains in the MPEG-D standards process.

MPEG Surround represents a feature-rich compression technique for multi-channel audio signals. Operating on top of a core audio codec, the system provides an unrivaled set of features such as full backward compatibility to stereo equipment and a wide scalability in terms of bit rate used for describing the surround sound image.

This compatibility enables an easy upgrade path for existing stereo broadcast systems to a more desirable surround sound listening experience. Advanced functionalities include an enhanced matrix surround mode, allowing generation of clean, stable and high-quality multi-channel audio based on a stereo signal; and a binaural mode, providing spatial rendering and reproduction of multi-channel audio on stereo playback devices such as headphones.

With the finalization of the MPEG Surround standard, software for evaluation and development is being made available to customers and other parties interested in capitalizing on the benefits of MPEG Surround. The first independent tests of the new technology are expected to be ready at the end of this year.

MPEG Surround will be jointly demonstrated by all four parties at AES 121, October 6-8, Moscone Convention Center San Francisco, demonstration room #258.

Agere Systems
Agere Systems is a global leader in semiconductors for storage, wireless data, and public and enterprise networks. The company’s chips and software power a broad range of computing and communications applications, from cell phones, PCs, PDAs, hard disk drives and gaming devices to the world’s most sophisticated wireless and wireline networks. Agere’s customers include top manufacturers of consumer electronics, communications and computing equipment. Agere’s products connect people to information and entertainment at home, at work and on the road—enabling the connected lifestyle.

More information about Agere Systems is available from its web site at

Coding Technologies
Coding Technologies provides the best audio compression for mobile, broadcasting, and Internet. SBR™ (Spectral Band Replication) from Coding Technologies is a backward and forward compatible method to enhance the efficiency of any audio codec; putting the "PRO" in mp3PRO and the "Plus" in aacPlus. Parametric Stereo from Coding Technologies and Philips again significantly increases the efficiency of audio codecs for stereo signals at low bit rates. Products from Coding Technologies are fundamental enablers of open standards such as 3GPP, 3GPP2, MPEG, DVB, Digital Radio Mondiale, HD Radio, and the DVD Forum.

Coding Technologies is a privately held company with offices in Sweden, Germany, China, and the USA. Founded in 1997 in Stockholm, the company later merged with a spin-off of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, the inventor of MP3. Coding Technologies’ customers include America Online, EMP, iBiquity Digital, KDDI, O2, Nokia, Orange, RealNetworks, SK Telecom, Sprint, T-Mobile, Thomson, Texas Instruments, Vodafone, and XM Satellite Radio.

Fraunhofer IIS
Founded in 1985 the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, today with 450 staff members, ranks first among the Fraunhofer Institutes concerning headcount and revenues. With the development of the audio coding method MP3, Fraunhofer IIS has reached worldwide recognition.

It provides research services on contract basis and technology licensing.

The research topics are: Audio and video source coding, multimedia realtime systems, digital radio broadcasting and digital cinema systems, integrated circuits and sensor systems, design automation, wireless, wired and optical networks, localization and navigation, imaging systems and nanofocus X-ray technology, high-speed cameras, medical sensor solutions and communications technology in transport and logistics.

The budget of 52 million Euro is mainly financed by projects from industry, the service sector and public authorities. Less than 20 percent of the budget is subsidized by federal and state funds.

For more information, visit

Royal Philips Electronics
Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is a global leader in healthcare, lifestyle and technology, delivering products, services and solutions through the brand promise of "sense and simplicity". Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips employs approximately 125,500 employees in more than 60 countries worldwide. With sales of EUR 30.4 billion in 2005, the company is a market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring systems, energy efficient lighting solutions, personal care and home appliances, as well as consumer electronics.

News from Philips is located at

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DLP Front-Projector Creates a Living Room Cinema Experience

WALNUT, Calif. , Sept. 22, 2006 – As a next step in its strategic plan to deliver innovative products and diversify its projector portfolio, ViewSonic® Corp. introduced the Cine5000. The DLP™ front-projector addresses the ever growing home theater market by providing true high-definition capabilities along with a 255-inch diagonal wide-format picture to bring the movie theater experience to the comfort of the couch.

“As one of the fastest growing display markets, home projector sales are estimated to grow to more than 2.8 million units by 20101. ViewSonic is pursuing this opportunity with innovative, feature-rich and cost-conscious products to help consumers create a true home theater experience,” said Jeff Volpe , vice president of marketing, ViewSonic Americas. “The Cine5000 provides optimum home entertainment value with HD capabilities at a price that is less than most competitors’ 40-inch LCD TVs.”

At an estimated street price of $1,999, the Cine5000 projects breathtaking images through Texas Instruments DarkChip2™ DLP technologies and an advanced color wheel—a combination that offers life-like colors, high contrast and sharp images. The 10-pound projector’s multiple OptiSync® connectivity options—including HDMI (HDCP compliant), component (YPbPr), composite and S-video—enables simple connections to PCs, game consoles, DVD players and camcorders, while its native 1280x768 widescreen resolution, 1000 lumens of brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio offer clear, crisp images.

The projector’s viewing field, which is six times larger than 40-inch televisions, makes audiences feel a part of the game with near life-size players during Sunday night football or while playing fast-moving video games. To prevent image distortion such as pixilation and jagged video, the Cine5000 is equipped with digital keystone correction and Faroudja DCDi® video processing technology. Additional features include signal noise reduction, edge enhancement for optimum video sharpness, and a 12-volt screen relay trigger for dropping a projection screen down using the power of the projector.

Available in October 2006, the Cine5000 comes with ViewSonic’s superior customer support program that includes a 90-day limited lamp warranty, a three-year limited parts and labor warranty, one year of Express Exchange® service and 24/7 technical support, excluding major U.S. holidays. The projector will be sold through authorized ViewSonic retail outlets, professional audio-visual solution providers, distributors and resellers. For more information on ViewSonic projectors or to locate an authorized ViewSonic dealer, visit or call 800.888.8583.

About Texas Instruments DarkChip2™ Technology

DarkChip2™ is the next generation of DLP’s widely-acclaimed DarkChip™ technology. It incorporates improvements in the DMD pixel architecture adding higher contrast to the system. This is accomplished by reducing pixel features (via and gap). As a result, stray light is significantly reduced resulting in state-of-the-art black levels.

About ViewSonic

ViewSonic® Corp., a worldwide leader in visual display products, offers comprehensive display solutions for today’s business, education and consumer electronics markets. The company’s products have won more than 2,000 awards globally from independent publications and organizations.

Headquartered in Walnut, Calif. , ViewSonic was founded in 1987 and is a privately held corporation. For further information, please contact ViewSonic Corp. at tel: 800.888.8583 or 909.869.7976; fax: 909.468.3736; or

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DTS Showcases DTS-HD Audio Solutions at the 121st AES Convention

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Agoura Hills, CA  – DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSI) announces that it will feature and demonstrate its DTS-HD™ audio solutions for the next generation optical disc formats at the 121st AES convention in San Francisco.  Exhibiting at the Moscone Convention Center, Booth #632 and presenting in Room #264, October 6-8, 2006, DTS will showcase the company's latest technology advances for the professional audio and broadcast community, including the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite and the DTS Surround Audio Suite, two new software packages for encoding audio streams for the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD and standard DVD formats.  DTS surround technologies have been designated as mandatory audio standards for both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

DTS will also display a series of hardware tools jointly developed by DTS and Linear Acoustic that provide enhanced performance for broadcast contribution, distribution and emission workflows of multi-channel audio.  These new units are based around an implementation of the DTS Coherent Acoustics superior compression algorithm and, as embodied in the Linear Acoustic StreamStacker-HD™ series of products, the new format is known as e2 (e-squared).

In addition to showcasing its new encoding products, DTS will also be hosting a series of presentations and live demonstrations featuring DTS-HD Master Audio lossless digital audio format during the AES convention in Room #264.  The demos will include:

    * DTS-HD Master Audio (lossless) surround sound in 7.1-channel.
    * Technical outline of various aspects of surround sound production techniques.
    * In-depth view of the DTS Master Audio Suite and Surround Audio Suite software.
    * Presentation from Neyrinck Audio Labs on their new SoundCode for DTS plug-in suite for Pro Tools™, including the SoundCode DTS-HD Decoder plug-in.
    * Presentations from Genelec on their latest surround monitoring products and room tuning techniques.

DTS encourages all conference attendees to visit the DTS booth for details on specific presentation and demonstration schedules.

"Since we've begun rolling out DTS-HD and demonstrating our new encoding capabilities, the reception from the professional audio and entertainment industries has been overwhelmingly positive," said Brian Towne, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Division, at DTS.  "This year's AES convention provides a great opportunity to show how DTS's solution is the ideal choice for high definition audio based on both quality and ease-of-use."

About DTS-HD Master Audio™
DTS-HD Master Audio delivers sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master.  It can deliver audio at variable bit rates which are significantly higher than standard DVDs.  DTS-HD Master Audio can provide up to 7.1 audio channels at a 96k sampling frequency / 24-bit depth or 5.1 audio channels at 192 kHz that are identical to the original master.  The DTS-HD Master Audio bit stream also contains the DTS 1.5 Mbps core for backwards compatibility with existing DTS-enabled home theater systems, and delivery of 5.1 channels of sound at twice the resolution found on most standard DVDs.

DTS-HD Master Audio has already been selected as the lossless audio format for initial next generation releases from Fox Home Entertainment, Canal Plus and Eagle Rock Entertainment.

About DTS
DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSI) is a digital technology company dedicated to delivering the ultimate entertainment experience.  DTS decoders are in virtually every major brand of 5.1-channel surround processor, and there are hundreds of millions of DTS-licensed consumer electronics products available worldwide.  A pioneer in multi-channel audio, DTS technology is in home theatre, car audio, PC and game console products, as well as DVD-Video, Surround Music and DVD-ROM software.  DTS audio products are featured on more than 27,000 motion picture screens worldwide.  Additionally, DTS provides imaging technology and services for the motion picture industry; DTS Digital Images, formerly Lowry Digital Images, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTS and an industry leader in image restoration and enhancement.  Founded in 1993, DTS is headquartered in Agoura Hills, California and has offices in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and China.  For further information, please visit

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Indigita™ Single-Chip Solution Enables Direct-to-Disk Recording of DV and HDV Video with New Sony HVR-DR60 Hard Drive

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Sony previews new 60GB removable hard drive at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam

CUPERTINO, Calif. - October 4, 2006 - IntellaSys Corporation today disclosed that the Indigita™ "AV Content Manager" chip (iND60C32) has been designed into Sony's new 60GB removable hard drive, which was recently previewed at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam. Designated Model HVR-DR60, the new Sony hard drive is FireWire compatible and capable of storing up to 4.5 hours of HDV, DVCAM, and/or DV content. Sony demonstrated the HVR-DR60 at IBC in conjunction with its new high-end "professional" HDV Camcorder (Model HVR-VI) featuring true progressive scan 25p or 30p video recording with an HDMI output.

According to Indigita, its powerful single-chip solution enables "direct-to-disk" recording to make HDV recording and post production easier and more flexible than ever before. For example, Sony's new HVR-DR60 allows instant random access, clip replay, and even on-camera editing. Moreover, unwanted scenes or recordings can be edited or deleted to free up additional storage capacity. Once recorded, video files can be named, organized into categories, or stored in directories and sub-directories. The Indigita chip also makes the Sony hard drive immune to video drop-outs, a common drawback of tape drives.

Convenient Connectivity Options

The Indigita chip facilitates connectivity with virtually any computer OS using the FAT-32 file system. While the 1394 HDD mounts as a drive letter for drag-n-drop file transfers, video files can be edited directly on the drive or copied to a Mac or PC at nearly 10X real-time video HDV playback. Supported SBP-2 Protocol allows storage and access to other multimedia file types just like an internal drive. Audio/Video Command (A/V C) set is also supported, thus facilitating connection to 1394-enabled HDTV for DVR playback directly from the drive. An HDTV remote control may used to execute FF, REW, and Playback functions.
Packaging, Delivery and Pricing

The iND60C32 chip is packaged in a 272-pin Ball Grid Array (BGA), and is available within 10 days after receipt of order. Pricing depends on quantity purchased, with discounts available on OEM quantities.

Indigita™ Product Brand

The Indigita product brand has emerged as a preferred choice among OEMs requiring powerful 1394 (FireWire or i-Link) connectivity and storage management solutions. The Indigita brand is currently being extended to encompass native 1394 and Video Streaming silicon to enable the delivery of broadband content for storage and set-top applications.

About IntellaSys

IntellaSys Corporation is a TPL Group Enterprise focused on developing distributed digital media semiconductor solutions including SEAforth multicore processors, OnSpec USB memory controllers and Indigita content secure connectivity devices. With headquarters in Cupertino, California, IntellaSys operates seven design centers, three of which are in California as well as four others based in Tempe, Arizona; Castle Rock, Colorado; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Vienna, Austria. The TPL Group, founded in 1988, specializes in the development, commercialization and management of IP assets. For more information, visit

IntellaSys, SEAforth, OnSpec, and Indigita are trademarks of Technology Properties Limited (TPL). All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Indigita Contact:
Chris Finley

IntellaSys Contact:
Tom Rigoli, Mindpik Inc.

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Acoustic Technologies SoundClear(r) Solution Provides Full-Duplex Audio For Cutting-Edge Spracht Aura Mobile BT

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SoundClear Enables Echo Free, Noise Free Performance

Mesa, AZ, October 4, 2006--Acoustic Technologies, a leading developer of high quality full-duplex speakerphone solutions today announced Spracht's Aura Mobile BT Bluetooth conferencing device is based on Acoustics' SoundClear® solution. Spracht utilized the SoundClear technology to provide echo cancellation, noise reduction, and sound enhancement for optimum voice quality and natural full-duplex speakerphone performance enabling clear, crisp, and loud calls, even in the noisiest environments.

"The Aura Mobile BT is a unique and innovative full-duplex speakerphone product," said Jim Jacot, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Acoustic Technologies. "With our SoundClear audio processing combined with Bluetooth or wired connectivity, the device is robust and flexible for use in the car, office or home. Spracht clearly has a winner with this high performance leading edge speakerphone device."

Acoustic and Spracht have partnered to develop the ultimate option for hands-free communication. The Aura Mobile BT turns a mobile phone, PC, desktop phone, or cordless phone into a high quality full-duplex conferencing product. With SoundClear technology, the Aura Mobile BT provides noise free, echo free, high quality calling for VoIP, mobile, and traditional POTS telephony products.

"We are proud to work with Acoustic Technologies and use their SoundClear solution in the Aura Mobile BT," said Rich Slevin, CEO for Spracht. "With the SoundClear solution and Acoustic's outstanding support, we were able to achieve the high performance goals we set out for this product. The Aura Mobile BT is clearly in a class by itself with high quality sound and awesome full-duplex speakerphone performance."

Acoustic's SoundClear technology features noise cancellation and speech enhancement to reduce background noise and optimize speech intelligibility. The SoundClear solution enables a natural bi-directional conversation through acoustic and network echo cancellation and full-duplex control. The full-duplex control adaptively monitors, detects, and processes incoming voice, echo, and noise signal power levels, and eliminates misunderstandings that come from syllable or word clipping. SoundClear is ideal for conference phones and mobile accessory devices enabling communications over the speakerphone to sound just like a "face-to-face" conversation .

About Spracht
ASpracht ( is the acoustic division of parent company ODI ( ), a recognized leader in digital imaging, LCD image display and other consumer electronics. Founded in 1993, Silicon-Valley based ODI has developed bestselling products, such as the Connectix Quickcam, for both Fortune 100 companies and technology notables such as Palm and Kensington.

About Acoustic Technologies
Acoustic Technologies creates high quality software, semiconductor, and system solutions for leading telecom manufacturers worldwide. The SoundClear brand of patented full-duplex communication, echo cancellation, and noise reduction solutions is enabling significant advancements in telecommunications voice quality and is proven in millions of products around the globe. SoundClear provides natural bi-directional communication in mobile phones, hands-free car kits, Bluetooth accessories, VoIP telephones, conference phones, and other speakerphone enabled products. Acoustic Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. For additional information call (480) 507-4376 or visit us on the Internet at

SoundClear is a registered trademark of Acoustic Technologies, Inc. All other service marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Dolby Showcases Advanced Audio Tools at the 2006 AES Convention

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Complete Dolby Media Producer Suite Shipping by End of October with All Components, Including Dolby Media Encoder, Dolby Media Decoder, and Dolby Media Tools

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 04, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) today announced that it will showcase its advanced audio products and technologies at the Audio Engineering Society's 121st Convention, October 5-8, at San Francisco's Moscone Center (booth 602). The company will demonstrate its products for mastering audio files for DVD and high-definition disc media, for production and delivery of surround sound programs destined for digital or analog television and radio broadcast, and for audibly superior live sound reinforcement.

"Our products have always been aimed at making it easier for audio professionals to create and deliver the highest quality for their customers," said Tim Partridge, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Professional Division, Dolby Laboratories. "This year at AES we'll be demonstrating some exciting new tools that continue to raise the bar for performance and convenience in many segments of the industry, including broadcast, packaged media, and live sound."

Dolby also announced today that by end of October it will be shipping for the first time all three components of its highly anticipated Dolby(R) Media Producer suite, including Dolby Media Encoder, Dolby Media Decoder, and Dolby Media Tools. The Dolby Media Producer suite provides a powerful and convenient software solution for mastering audio files for DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, HD DVD, and Blu-ray Disc media, and utilizes a client-server model to improve the work flow of postproduction facilities.

Dolby Media Producer

A suite of professional audio mastering tools, Dolby Media Producer consists of three separate Mac OS(R) X applications, available individually or as a complete package. Dolby Media Encoder offers comprehensive encoding and job control capabilities in a client-server environment, while Dolby Media Decoder provides reference decoding functions, including all Dolby decoding and listening modes. In addition, Dolby Media Tools offers bitstream and metadata editing features to save costly reencoding of previously encoded audio files. The Dolby Media Producer suite supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and MLP Lossless(TM), for the new HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats as well as DVD-Video and DVD-Audio formats.

Dolby Lake Processor

The Dolby Lake(R) Processor, the first live-sound product released by Dolby, which acquired Lake Technology in 2004, enables sound engineers to improve the quality of sound management while saving time in the setup and handling of loudspeaker systems. The processor provides better control and flexibility of complex speaker systems throughout setup and during events, improving the sound of the system so audiences have a better experience. Additionally, the software application provides centralized control for a network of hardware processors. Based on Lake's trusted sound reinforcement technologies, the new system includes an easy-to-use interface for real-time management, an advanced loudspeaker processing system, and unique Iso-Float(TM) ground isolation technology.

New to the AES Convention will be the KIT 989 CobraNet(tm) module upgrade option, which adds up to 16 bi-directional channels of industry standard CobraNet(tm) digital audio transport to the Dolby Lake Processor. Orders are now being taken for delivery in November.

Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer

Making its AES debut, the Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer is an innovative and flexible product that offers the world's first intelligent file-based audio loudness analysis and correction system. Compatible with many of the most common broadcast media file formats in use today, the DP600 expands upon the technology developed for the award-winning Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter with Dialogue Intelligence(TM). Terrestrial, cable, and satellite broadcasters now have the ability to automatically normalize the loudness of all of their file-based programming and commercials without affecting the original dynamic range. Programs can be normalized by either adjusting metadata values or scaling the audio signal itself to a target loudness level. The system also offers the option of faster-than-real-time, file-based encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E content, as well as efficient transcoding between the coding formats.

To learn more about Dolby's AES activities, products, technologies, and sponsored convention events, please visit

About Dolby Laboratories

Dolby Laboratories (NYSE:DLB) develops and delivers products and technologies that make the entertainment experience more realistic and immersive. For four decades Dolby has been at the forefront of defining high-quality audio and surround sound in cinema, broadcast, home audio systems, cars, DVDs, headphones, games, televisions, and personal computers. Based in San Francisco with European headquarters in England, the company has entertainment industry liaison offices in New York and Los Angeles, and licensing liaison offices in London, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. For more information about Dolby Laboratories or Dolby technologies, please visit

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KYOCERA Releases Liquid-Crystal Displays with LED Backlighting

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VANCOUVER, Wash - October 4, 2006. Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation announced that global parent Kyocera Corporation has released a new line of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) that feature a unique light-emitting diode (LED) backlighting system instead of conventional cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). The new LCD products, which Kyocera is now shipping, are designed to meet a wide range of industrial display applications, including manufacturing controls, test and measurement equipment, and medical systems. The new backlights are available in STN, CSTN, and TFT models, introduced first in 4.7" and 5.7" diagonal modules. Introduction of 3.5", 6.2", 7.5", 8.9", and 10.4" modules will follow. Kyocera expects to be shipping 30,000 units per month by March 2007.

  1. Lead and mercury free for optimum environmental friendliness.
  2. 3/5/12Vdc operation and reduced or eliminated EMI (requires no inverter)
  3. Higher reliability via improved shock and vibration resistance (no glass tube)
  4. Faster start-up in low temperature environments
  5. Luminance control via current control to further reduce power consumption & extend battery life.

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Fraunhofer IIS Introduces SX Pro Technology for Automatic Conversion of Stereo Material into 5.1 Surround Sound

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ERLANGEN, Germany. At the AES Convention in San Francisco, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is previewing SX Pro, a technology to create 5.1 surround sound from existing stereo content. At booth 232, Fraunhofer IIS will demonstrate the high audio quality and high degree of creative control offered by the new SX Pro processing, which will be available for integration in software, consumer electronics, and professional hardware by the end of 2006.

To create surround sound from regular stereo music, SX Pro analyses the audio signal and identifies characteristic sound elements. An intelligent algorithm redistributes these elements to create a natural surround sound listening experience without adding artificial reverberation.

The center channel is smoothly integrated without altering the original stereo sound stage, providing a stable front image even for off-sweet-spot listening. The surround channels consist of the ambience-like sound components of the stereo material, greatly enhancing the user envelopment, similar to a discrete multichannel surround sound listening experience - with only two channels as source material.

Bernhard Grill, head of the audio department at Fraunhofer IIS, says: "SX Pro offers exciting new possibilities when it comes to playing back stereo content over surround setups as its intelligent algorithm provides a high degree of control over the resulting sound image."

SX Pro is the best choice for any application where twochannel legacy content is transmitted to or played in a multichannel environment. For example, consumers may enjoy high quality playback of their existing stereo music on multichannel receivers and car audio systems that have integrated SX Pro processing.

The incorporation of SX Pro processing into professional media production and audio editing tools will allow surround versions of existing stereo source material to be produced using the creative control over the upmix process offered by SX Pro. Radio broadcasters offering new surround services may also convert their existing content to surround sound automatically, to match the presentation of new surround tracks.

Unlike prior approaches, the SX Pro technology offers a stable sound field during fast changes in content, and consistent, distinct positioning of audio sources, offering a realistic substitute for true 5.1 mixes when they are not available.

At the AES Convention, SX Pro will be demonstrated as PC software and as a DSP hardware implementation. The PC software allows users to switch between different optimized presets to change the spatial sound image. The DSP hardware implementation accepts any two-channel PCM audio stream and performs a real-time stereo to 5.1 upmix.

Founded in 1985 the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, today with 470 staff members, ranks first among the Fraunhofer Institutes concerning headcount and revenues. With the development of the audio coding method MP3, Fraunhofer IIS has reached worldwide recognition. It provides research services on contract basis and technology licensing. The research topics are: Audio and video source coding, multimedia realtime systems, digital radio broadcasting and digital cinema systems, integrated circuits and sensor systems, design automation, wireless, wired and optical networks, localization and navigation, imaging systems and nanofocus X-ray technology, high-speed cameras, medical sensor solutions and communications technology in transport and logistics. The budget of 58 million Euro is mainly financed by projects from industry, the service sector and public authorities. Less than 20 percent of the budget is subsidized by federal and state funds.

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DTS-HD Master Audio Suite and DTS Surround Audio Suite Launched

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DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq:DTSI) announces the availability of DTS-HD Master Audio Suite and the DTS Surround Audio Suite, two new software suites to prepare audio streams for next generation and current optical disc media formats. Consisting of an encoder, a StreamPlayer decoder, and StreamTools bitstream editing and verification tools, the suites are compatible with both Mac OS 10.4.x and Windows XP. Both software suites are now available for the Windows XP platform worldwide through DTS' network of distributors, with the Mac OS X platform following soon thereafter.

The DTS-HD Master Audio Suite (MAS) provides an easy-to-use interface for encoding audio bit streams for HD DVD and Blue-ray Disc as well as DVD and DTS 5.1 Music Disc. Features such as downmix setting and audition, as well as DTS Digital Surround backward-compatible Core playback, provide the audio professional with the ability to monitor DTS-HD encoded streams and emulate various consumer playback systems with confidence. Encoded bit stream formats include: DTS Digital Surround®, DTS-ES 6.1®, DTS 96/24™, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio™ and DTS-HD Master Audio™ lossless, which is bit-for-bit identical to the master soundtrack. The MAS is applicable to DVD-V, DVD-A and DTS Surround Music CDs, as well as the next generation HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats. DTS-HD bit streams support up to 7.1 channels of 96 kHz audio or up to 5.1 channels of 192 kHz audio. Additionally DTS-HD low bit rate (LBR) audio streams can be created for use as Sub or Secondary audio on HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc with bit rates optimized for Internet delivery.

Included in the DTS-HD MAS, the StreamPlayer decoder can play any DTS bit stream, delivering audio to a PC's sound card for quality control monitoring prior to disc authoring.

The DTS Surround Audio Suite (SAS), a limited version of Master Audio Suite, can encode bit streams compatible with standard DVD-V and DTS Surround Music CDs with a similar easy-to-use interface. The DTS SAS also includes StreamPlayer and can be upgraded to the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite with the purchase of an upgrade license.

The suggested retail prices of the suites are $1,495 for the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite, and $795 for the DTS Surround Audio Suite.

About DTS
DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSI) is a digital technology company dedicated to delivering the ultimate entertainment experience. DTS decoders are in virtually every major brand of 5.1-channel surround processor, and there are hundreds of millions of DTS-licensed consumer electronics products available worldwide. A pioneer in multi-channel audio, DTS technology is in home theatre, car audio, PC and game console products, as well as DVD-Video, Surround Music and DVD-ROM software. DTS audio products are featured on more than 27,000 motion picture screens worldwide. Additionally, DTS provides imaging technology and services for the motion picture industry; DTS Digital Images, formerly Lowry Digital Images, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTS and an industry leader in image restoration and enhancement. Founded in 1993, DTS is headquartered in Agoura Hills, California and has offices in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and China. For further information, please visit

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

HP Offers New Entertainment Products in Time for Holiday Season

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Company brings ease of use, high-definition experience into the home

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2006. HP today introduced a new line of computing products aimed at making it easy for people to enjoy high-definition entertainment.

In time for the holiday season, HP introduced three high-definition products based on the HD-DVD digital media format, making HP one of the first companies to announce products that deliver a high-definition experience.

The products include a 17-inch widescreen diagonal HD-DVD notebook PC with a piano-black HP Imprint finish and patterned design; an HD-DVD Media Center TV PC with 7.1 surround sound; and an HD-DVD external drive for PCs - all of which can deliver the superior picture quality associated with high-definition movies.

HP also introduced two home storage products that are ideal for storing high-definition movies and rich digital content such as music and photos. The HP Media Vault, the first in a new product category for the company, is an expandable storage product that allows consumers to easily back up and share movies, music and photos across home networks. The HP Pocket Media Drive is an ultra-portable, 2.5-inch USB hard drive in 80 gigabyte (GB) and 120 GB(1) capacities.

Additionally, the company announced a stylish, versatile handheld, the HP iPAQ Travel Companion, which couples GPS (global positioning system) navigation with entertainment and communication features, such as an MP3 player, to keep consumers entertained and connected when on the go.

"The digital lifestyle is here, and HP is making it easy for customers to experience high-definition entertainment that is compelling and fulfilling," said Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP. "HP, with its heritage in digital technology, is at the forefront of simplifying the experience. Today, we're extending that leadership to the high-def lifestyle."

The news was announced at the Manhattan Center in New York as a showcase of the high-definition lifestyle.

"Demand for high-definition products is booming and HP is targeting this growth segment with its product lineup and latest introductions," said Danielle Levitas, vice president, Consumer and Broadband Markets group, IDC. "High-definition TVs and media centers, coupled with compelling HD content, bring a great experience to consumers."

HP takes the high-def road

HP's 2006 holiday lineup of high-definition products includes:

  • HP Pavilion dv9000t Series Entertainment Notebook PC - which makes it easy to handle demanding applications with its combination of innovative digital entertainment features and blazingly fast multi-tasking performance via Intel® Core™ 2 Duo mobile technology.(2) Cinema-quality viewing is delivered with a 17-inch diagonal high-definition BrightView widescreen display with optional HP Ultra BrightView dual-lamp technology. An integrated HDMI port enables true HD content playback on a high-definition TV or monitor.(3)

  • HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7600n Series PC - which takes movie watching to a new level with its HD-DVD high-definition DVD player, Intel Viiv™ technology and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, wireless home networking,(4) and 7.1 surround sound. Users can enjoy high-definition movie playback(3) with six times better resolution than standard DVD. In addition, the built-in TV tuner NPSC and personal video recorder allow users to simply watch, pause, rewind and record live television. The new HP Pavilion Media Center TV PC paired with HP's new w22 flat panel HD-ready monitor completes the HD movie experience.

  • HP High Definition DVD-ROM Drive - which provides the superior picture quality of high-def movies(5) in a portable device for use with widescreen notebooks. The external drive offers advanced interactivity; for example, users can access the Internet(6) and chat while watching a movie, or play games that are seamlessly integrated into a movie. Backwards compatible, the drive not only supports new HD DVDs, but also regular CDs and DVDs.

  • HP Media Vault mv2010/mv2020 - which allows consumers to easily protect and share digital content across multiple PCs. With its user-friendly HP-designed interface, even the least technical family members can enjoy the same movie, photos, music or video by streaming the file from the Media Vault to different computers or networked TVs throughout the home. With a capacity that expands up to a staggering 1.2 terabytes, the Media Vault can store up to 500,000 photos, 16,000 hours of music or 340 hours of video.(7)

  • HP Pocket Media Drive - which makes sharing easy. The sleek, ultra-portable, 2.5-inch USB hard drive provides the storage needed to take digital photos, recorded TV programs and professional presentations on the go. The drive easily works with any USB-enabled PC or notebook and also fits into select HP Pavilion PCs with the exclusive HP Pocket Media Drive bay for a clutter-free desktop. The drives are now available with 80 GB or 120 GB.

Navigate your way to entertainment

The slim and sleek HP iPAQ rx5000 series Travel Companion offers GPS navigation, digital entertainment and mobile connectivity.(8) For easy, turn-by-turn navigation, the device comes installed with TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software and maps. Additional software to simplify travels includes weather, traffic, world clocks and points of interest.

In addition, the HP iPAQ rx5000 series Travel Companion allows people to travel with their music, view photos and videos, surf the web(8) and play games. Microsoft® Outlook Mobile keeps users' calendars, contacts and tasks up to date so they can conveniently stay connected to important people and information via Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth™ wireless technology or USB.

Tech support just got personal

HP also is improving personal tech support with a new support capability called HP Instant Care. HP agents use the Internet to remotely solve a wide range of PC and printer issues while the customer sits back and watches. It also helps prevent problems by checking the health of the product and identifying additional issues to help avoid future calls. Based on technology created by HP's enterprise group, this help-desk technology affords consumers a secure environment, which they can opt out of at anytime. In the future, HP Instant Care is planned to encompass digital entertainment systems, TVs, cameras and more.

Rounding out the holiday lineup

HP also introduced its fall consumer PC lines, including HP Media Center, HP Slimline PC, HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario desktop PCs, 19- and 22-inch diagonal widescreen LCD monitors, HP Notebook QuickDock, and new accessories. With its ultra-wide angle, the HP 2-Megapixel Webcam takes great still pictures and high-quality video, and includes a versatile clip for easily attaching to all LCD monitors.

Additionally, HP will soon ship two new digital entertainment centers that combine the best of PC and advanced audio/video features to offer consumers a superb home entertainment experience. These advanced systems feature high-definition TV tuners, advanced audio features and digital video recorders designed for the living room. These products build on HP's launch last month of the wireless, 37-inch diagonal HP MediaSmart High-Definition LCD TV - the industry's first TV to connect home networks to home entertainment systems.

More information on HP's new digital entertainment products is available at

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Artison Unveils Masterpiece: Innovative Speakers Designed for Flat-Screen TVs

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Uniquely-Matched, Attachable Hi-Fidelity Solution for Monitors 50 Inches and Above

Incline Village, NV – July 20, 2006 – Artison, a company dedicated to meeting the technology needs of the 21st century, proudly announces the release of the company's flagship Masterpiece LCR speakers designed for flat screen displays. Utilizing Artison's proprietary G-LCR Grilles and new UMB (Universal Mounting Bracket), these innovative speakers attach to virtually any flat panel monitor, matching its height precisely, resulting in a seamless, elegant look that enhances any room's décor.

Engineered by world-renowned speaker designer Cary Christie, Masterpiece speakers were built utilizing patented DualMonoTM Center Channel technology, which eliminates the need for a cumbersome center channel, while providing stunning sound, realistic bass and crisp dialogue for a true home theater experience unlike anything on the market today.

"Our new top of the line Masterpiece LCR speaker is the benchmark for high-end audio and home theater reproduction," said Cary Christie, president and chief executive officer of Artison. "Designed to accommodate the increasing trend towards larger flat panel displays, Masterpiece is the ideal solution for customers who expect high quality and performance from their audio system coupled with visual appeal. We've created a unique engineering and design solution that matches any monitor and room style without compromising either performance or aesthetics."

Masterpiece builds on the success of Ariston's two previous LCR speakers, the Sketch and the award-winning Portrait, resulting in a "good, better, best" range suitable for all applications, tastes and budgets. Each of the speakers place all three front channels (LCR) in two slim attachable cabinets, rather than the conventional – and visually unappealing – three speaker box approach.

This is made possible by Artison's DualMono™ Center Channel technology, which integrates center channel components into the upper portion of both the right and left speakers, eliminating the need for a separate center channel speaker enclosure and with the substantial added benefit of placing crisp, articulate dialogue in the center of the screen, rather than above or below it.

In addition to DualMono™ Technology, Masterpiece also boasts an innovative, side-firing Stage Tweeter, which widens the soundstage for a realistic, large-scale cinematic experience. Each Masterpiece speaker contains two front-firing adjustable Vifa XT Super Audio Tweeters, two 5 ¼" Kevlar Long Throw midrange woofers, and one 25mm Stage Tweeter, all housed in black anodized aluminum cabinets. Masterpiece speakers measure 27"H x 6"W x 3 ½"D without the G-LCR Grilles – which are available in complementary colors to mach each plasma model.

Complementing the Masterpiece, Portrait and Sketch LCR systems, Artison also offers its LRS surrounds, available in on-wall and in-wall versions. A unique hybrid design, the LRS surrounds are monopole below 3 kHz providing great "steering ability" for action scenes and dipoles above 3 kHz where it is desirable that the source of the sound not be recognized as coming from a particular location.

Artison's Masterpiece LCR speakers can be purchased at an MSRP of $2,500 per pair, including the UMB Universal Mounting Bracket and G-LCR Grille, from authorized Artison dealers, which include Tweeter Home Entertainment stores (over 170 nationwide), Harvey Electronics in New York and New Jersey, and many other retailers and electronic system contractors nationwide.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Chipmunk AV Controller 2.0 Released

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London, UK - September 26, 2006 - Home Cinema Solutions announced today the release of Chipmunk AV Controller 2.0, a major new release of their popular software controller.

Chipmunk AV Controller is a .NET Windows application capable of controlling audio visual equipment, home cinemas and integrating with general automation set-ups. Chipmunk enables the easy creation of macros and commands to control devices via plugins. Chipmunk can also receive incoming events from equipment. Chipmunk incorporates a Lua scripting engine which has been integrated with Microsoft's .NET Framework, enabling users to interact with and extend core functionality. A simple plugin API and software development kit makes it easy for .NET developers to create their own plugins using any .NET language such as VB.NET or C#.

This new release targets the latest Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and comes with an improved user interface, logging manager, and three new plugins. The new logging manager means that Chipmunk can now log incoming events, outgoing commands, and system status messages. The plugin software development kit has been simplified making plugin development even easier. Chipmunk now comes with ten plugins pre-installed:

  • RS232 Serial Plugin - allows serial controllable equipment to be managed by Chipmunk
  • USB-UIRT Infrared Plugin - supports the USB-UIRT universal infrared transceiver by Jon Rhees
  • RedRat3 Infrared Plugin - supports the RedRat3 USB infrared transceiver
  • GC-100 Plugin - supports the Global Caché GC-100 network device with infrared, serial, relay and digital input connectivity. Our latest plugin now supports the GC-IRL device for infrared learning capability.
  • Web Server Plugin - enables Chipmunk to be controlled from any web browser. Also includes web-enabled control of Windows Media Player
  • Time Scheduler Plugin - enabling periodic, daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling of events
  • Remote Control Server Plugin - offering wireless network control over mobile devices
  • AppController Plugin - enables the control of other Windows applications via Windows messages
  • X10 CM17A Firecracker Plugin - offering support for this X10 serial to wireless module
  • On Screen Display Plugin (now supports HTML rendering and the display of online content)

Chipmunk also comes with a drag-and-drop remote control designer, universal software remote control for the Desktop and Pocket PC, and sample plugin source code for developers. The 30-day evaluation can be downloaded from To coincide with this release, we have also launched Chipmunk AV Controller Forums.

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InterVideo WinDVD 7 Optimized for IntelClear Video Technology Featured in the Latest On-market Intel G965 Express Chipset

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FREMONT, Calif. - September 28, 2006 -- InterVideo®, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII), a leading provider of multimedia technologies, announced today its flagship software player InterVideo WinDVD® 7 is now optimized for Intel® Clear Video Technology to enable a rich high-definition video playback experience on PC.

"High definition is currently the most exciting part of people's digital life," said Steve Ro, CEO and President of InterVideo. "One of the major ways that consumers can enjoy high-definition video right now is to play it back on their PC-based devices, such as Media Center PCs. InterVideo's player software, partnered with Intel's HD-capable hardware, is an unbeatable combination."

WinDVD 7 is optimized for Intel Clear Video Technology to enable a rich, high-definition video playback experience on your PC without expensive add-in cards or decoders. Hardware acceleration support and advanced de-interlacing deliver stutter free playback with clearer, more detailed images by eliminating many of the jagged edges associated with interlaced content.

"Intel is working with key software developers like InterVideo to enable the full benefits of Intel Clear Video Technology for digital home consumers," said Intel's Richard Malinowski, Vice President, Mobility Group and General Manager, Chipset Group. "Intel Clear Video Technology enables a rich new media experience for Intel G965 Express chipset based platforms by using new chipset capabilities to deliver smooth, stutter free high-definition playback and sharp, colorful images."

Intel's new line of chipsets features the G965 Express chipset, sporting new 3D capabilities as well as Intel Clear Video Technology. Intel Clear Video Technology is a combination of video processing hardware and software technologies delivering enhanced high-definition video playback, shaper images, precise color control and advanced display capability. Intel Clear Video Technology uses advanced de-interlacing technology and ProcAmp color controls to deliver sharper, more vibrant video images. This technology is available on all Intel G965 Express chipset-based platforms.

InterVideo has been working with Intel to ensure the highest level of compatibility and synergy between Intel's processing hardware and InterVideo's industry-leading playback software.

Pricing and Availability
WinDVD 7 with Intel Clear Video Technology support is now available on InterVideo website at Consumers can now download the trial version or purchase it at WinDVD 7 retail price.

About InterVideo, Inc.
InterVideo is a leading provider of integrated digital and high-definition multimedia and audio/video content solutions in the PC, CE and wireless industries. The company's broad suite of integrated multimedia software products are designed to enhance the consumer's entertainment experience, whether the content is delivered to a home system, HDTV set, wireless system, mobile or personal multimedia device. InterVideo's unique iMobi™ multimedia codec technologies are widely used by Smartphones, GPS units and portable entertainment device OEMs and ODMs to enhance music and video enjoyment¡Kanyplace, anytime. The firm's worldwide headquarters is at 46430 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA, 510-651-0888, InterVideo also has major offices in Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China and around the globe. For more information, visit

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Belkin first in industry to announce aftermarket product based on Certified Wireless USB
ALLEN, Texas/Compton, California – September 26, 2006 -- WiQuest Communications, Inc., the leading
fabless semiconductor company developing complete Ultrawideband (UWB) solutions and Belkin today
announce that WiQuest has been selected as the wireless USB chipset supplier for Belkin's wireless USB
4-Port Hub and Adapter. Belkin is one of the world's leading manufacturers of peripherals and
connectivity solutions for computer and consumer electronics users. Belkin's wireless USB 4-port Hub
and Adapter are the first products announced that are based on Certified Wireless USB from the USB
Implementers Forum. Certified Wireless USB is the first high-speed personal interconnect technology
combining the speed and security of wired Hi-Speed USB with the ease-of-use of wireless technology. It
is backward compatible with wired USB, which has an estimated installed base of over 1 billion ports.
"WiQuest's product readiness was a critical reason for our decision to partner", said Mark Reynoso,
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Belkin. "In addition, WiQuest's end-to-end solution approach,
product roadmap and technical support were critical requirements in selecting WiQuest and to ensure that
we capture the leadership position in wireless USB and maintain our leadership position in accessory

"We are pleased to partner with Belkin, the time to market leader in PC peripherals and connectivity
solutions. This complements WiQuest's industry leadership in delivering products based on Certified
Wireless USB", said Dr. Matthew B. Shoemake, WiQuest founder, CEO and president. "WiQuest has
promised that products based on our chipset would be announced by the end of 2006. Belkin has taken
the lead in making it a reality."

In addition to the Wireless USB 4-Port Hub and Adapter, WiQuest has announced the availability of
additional reference designs based on Certified Wireless USB including a wireless USB PCIe half mini
card and mini card. WiQuest's complete solution consists of silicon, manufacturing diagnostics, small
form factor reference designs (HWA and DWA), drivers, firmware, Windows® XP application software,
and 'Quick Start' guides.

About Belkin Group Ltd.
Belkin offers a diverse product mix that provides people with seamless electronics integration in their
homes, cars, and on the go. Founded in California in 1983, Belkin is a privately held company and the
recognized leader in connectivity solutions, in addition to accessories for iPod® devices, computers, and
more. We provide extensive solutions for networking, home theater—with our PureAV® line of cables,
power, and digital wireless accessories—and many more categories. You can view and purchase them at, as well as through a network of major distributors, resellers, and superstores.

About WiQuest Communications
WiQuest Communications, Inc. is a privately-held fabless semiconductor company that designs and
develops complete ultrawideband solutions for PC, consumer electronics and mobile systems companies
worldwide. The company builds leading-edge products based on Certified Wireless USB from the USB-IF
for high-speed wireless communications using WiMedia ultrawideband technology.
Founded in September 2003, WiQuest's strong team comprises hundreds of years of collective industry
semiconductor and system experience, resulting in dozens of successful high-volume product
implementations including Wireless LAN, DSL, and Ethernet solutions. To learn more about WiQuest, visit
The PCIe design mark is the registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.

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Pulse Becomes a High-Definition Multimedia Interface Adopter

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October 2, 2006 - Pulse®, a Technitrol Company (NYSE: TNL), a leader in electronic component and subassembly design and manufacturing, announced that it has become a High-Definition Multimedia Interface™ (HDMI) adopter company, joining with other companies that provide products that meet the next-generation digital interface specifications for consumer electronic products. Pulse's Connector Division will be designing and manufacturing the products that meet the licensing agreements and requirements of HDMI.

By delivering crystal-clear, all-digital audio and video via a single cable, HDMI dramatically simplifies cabling while providing consumers with the highest-quality home theater to date. HDMI is the first and only industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. The de facto consumer electronics standard can be used between any audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver and an audio and/or video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV), over a single cable.

HDMI Licensing, LLC is the agent responsible for administering the licensing of the HDMI specifications, promoting the HDMI standard, and providing education on the benefits of HDMI to retailers and consumers. More than 400 companies have entered into the Adopter Agreement to make and sell HDMI-based products, and more than 60 million devices featuring HDMI are expected to ship in 2006.

"By becoming an adopter, Pulse has access to the latest updates, specification changes, and information about HDMI and its participating member companies," said Mark Jackson, product manager for Pulse's Connector Division. "Being members of the Multi-media over Coax and WiMax Alliances, Pulse has always emphasized quality and has stayed on the leading-edge of technology."

About Pulse: Pulse, a Technitrol (NYSE: TNL) Company, is a worldwide leader in electronic component and subassembly design and manufacturing. Pulse's wide array of power and signal products are used in computing, networking and communications, power conversion, defense, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics. With state-of-the-art custom designs and catalog products, Pulse is a complete source for electronic OEMs, contract manufacturers, and ODMs worldwide. Pulse is a participating member of IEEE, ATIS, ETSI, HDMI, the DSL Forum, the San Diego Telecom Council, and MoCA.

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Sling Media’s Next Generation Slingbox Family Delivers Enhanced Performance, Price and Style

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Sling Media's Next Generation Slingbox Family Delivers Enhanced Performance, Price and Style.

Company introduces three new Slingbox models that increase streaming performance by up to 400% over the original Slingbox, including a model with optional HD component video input for consumers who have invested in high definition television.

San Mateo, CA – September 28, 2006 – Sling Media, Inc., a digital lifestyle consumer electronics company, today announced the nationwide availability of three new Slingbox™ models that significantly increase performance, provide the customer with choice depending on their home TV setup and start at as low as $179.99. The new Slingbox family is designed to meet the varied requirements of today's TV households whether that's basic analog cable, standard definition cable or satellite or next generation high definition television. The Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV, and Slingbox TUNER transform PCs, laptops and Windows-based mobile phones and handheld computers into personal portable TVs. Slingbox owners can now watch and control their home cable, satellite or digital video recorder anywhere they can access the Internet, from their back yard to Beijing and everywhere in between. All three products are available to U.S. customers only starting today. More information can be found at

Sling Media has enhanced performance, increased the feature set and segmented the new Slingbox models for specific customer needs, adding new hardware and software features specific to each market segment. With an entry price of $179.99, Sling Media is giving customers more power, functionality and choice for their money. The Slingbox AV and Slingbox TUNER will carry an MSRP of $179.99 and the Slingbox PRO will retail for $249.99 MSRP. Sling Media will also make an optional HD component accessory called HD Connect available for the Slingbox PRO later this fall, which will carry an MSRP of $49.99.

"Just over a year ago, Sling Media delivered to consumers a ground breaking product that has now been incorporated into their daily lives," said Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media. "With our new products, we are setting an even higher standard by incorporating industry-leading video quality and streamlined setup all at price points we feel will make the Slingbox an ideal holiday gift. Our mission has and will remain the same – to create the best possible consumer experience with innovative products that our customers simply love."

Which Slingbox is Right for Me?

With the three new Slingbox models, Sling Media has created a product that fits the needs of every consumer, no matter how basic or sophisticated their home TV setup.

Slingbox PRO
The Slingbox PRO is designed for the consumer who has multiple A/V devices or has made an investment in high definition TV. The Slingbox PRO features four sets of audio-video inputs and outputs including the optional HD component connection for HD set-top box customers making for seamless integration into current A/V systems. Other new features include widescreen (16:9) support, high quality programmable video compression, easy connection to set-top boxes ( e.g. digital cable, satellite, DVR) and remote control of A/V devices.

The optional cable for HD component set-top boxes is called the Slingbox HD Connect and it includes all the necessary cables to connect HD component video and audio to the Slingbox PRO. This accessory will be available later this fall. Customers who wish to seamlessly connect their HD receiver to the Slingbox PRO using the component connection will need to purchase this accessory.

Slingbox AV
The Slingbox AV gives consumers who watch TV using a standard definition cable set-top box, satellite receiver or DVR, the ability to connect their Slingbox AV seamlessly to their set-top box. Slingbox AV features the ability to watch and control TV from any Internet connected PC/Mac/laptop or Windows-based mobile device, widescreen (16:9) support and high quality programmable video compression.

Slingbox TUNER
The Slingbox TUNER is ideal for customers with cable who want to easily view their line-up of television channels and do not require access to a set-top box, satellite receiver, DVR or other AV device. The Slingbox TUNER easily connects adjacent to a cable modem or basic coaxial connection even without a TV present. This allows the Slingbox TUNER customer to view their cable channels without impacting another family member watching TV anywhere else in the home.

New Level of Customer Care
With this product launch, Sling Media is introducing a new customer support capability aimed at providing first-time customers with easy installation. Technology embedded in Sling Media's setup wizard allows "live" chats between customers and Sling Media technical support representatives when the customer is going through the installation process. In addition to this "live" chat support, a Sling Media technical support representative can remotely control a customer's PC (with the customer's explicit permission) to assist in real time with the installation.

"Our focus on simple installation - including the ability to have live interaction with a technical support representative or allowing the technical support representative to remotely control a customer's PC to make any necessary adjustments - raises the bar, setting a new standard in the industry that is unmatched today," continued Krikorian. "Sling Media has taken a huge step forward with this product launch demonstrating our commitment to customer support as we continue to make "place-shifting" a household word."

Nationwide Availability
The complete Slingbox family is available in over 3,000 stores nationwide through our retail channel partners which include:, Best Buy,, Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry's, J&R Computer World and at Sling Media would like to welcome its newest retail partner, Office Depot, who will begin carrying Slingbox TUNER and Slingbox AV products in October. All three products are available for sale beginning today but retail stock and availability will vary from retailer to retailer. We suggest checking with your favorite retailer prior to visiting or check online. Local store inventory levels may also be checked online at

Canada and the Rest of the World
Sling Media is also making its SlingPlayer™ Mobile software available to Canadian customers through its web site starting today. Customers can now download and purchase a registration key from for $34.99 CAD. The new Slingbox products announced today are expected to be available in Sling Media's Canadian retail channels, including Best Buy, FutureShop, London Drugs and others within the next 60 days. Global availability details will be announced in Q1, 2007.

About Sling Media
Sling Media, Inc. is a digital lifestyle products company creating a family of consumer electronics solutions that are a natural extension of today's digital way of life. The first member of the Sling Media family is the award-winning Slingbox™, a device that allows consumers to access their living room television experience at any time, from any location, using a variety of different displays including laptops and desktop PCs, PDAs and smartphones. The Slingbox is now available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Brazil through traditional retail channels and local service providers. For more information on Sling Media or the Slingbox, visit

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Panasonic to Launch Theme 'Living in HD' at CEATEC JAPAN 2006

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At CEATEC JAPAN 2006, which is to be held at the Makuhari Messe from Tuesday, October 3 to Saturday, October 7, Panasonic, the leading brand for which Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is known, will showcase its latest technologies and products under the theme, "Living in HD - An enhanced lifestyle begins with high definition."

Together with advanced products developed with the latest HD technologies, Panasonic will present its ideas for high-quality, comfortable lifestyles with various consumer electronics products linked together, including the VIERA flat-panel display TVs, LUMIX digital still cameras and a wide range of SD devices.

At this year's CEATEC JAPAN, one of Asia's largest international exhibitions of imaging, information and communications equipment and technology, Panasonic President Fumio Ohtsubo is going to make a keynote speech under the theme: Value Creation for Better Living, Focusing on "Manufacturing." The speech is scheduled to start at 12:30 pm on October 4 at Convention Hall A of the International Conference Center.

The Panasonic booth will feature the main stage presentation and the BD (Blu-ray Disc) Theater, as well as nine different categories (see below). In the main stage presentation, Panasonic's vision of "Living in HD" will be elaborated in a 12-minute show, which uses multiple 103" plasma displays. As new BD recorders/players are being launched, the BD Theater will present 1080p high definition video experience with a 7.1-channel audio system. For more details of the exhibits, please visit

About Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Best known by its Panasonic brand name, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of consumer, business and industrial needs. Based in Osaka, Japan, the company recorded consolidated net sales of US$76.02 billion for the year ended March 31, 2006. The Company's shares are listed on the Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York (NYSE:MC) stock exchanges. For more information on the company and the Panasonic brand, visit the Company's website at

For further information, please visit the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. home page at:

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KEF Five-2 Series Speakers Feature Innovative Design, Sleek Styling and Ease of Installation

MARLBORO, NJ – September 5, 2006 – Blending a home theater speaker system into today's custom interiors can be a daunting undertaking, frequently necessitating undesirable compromises among performance, installation flexibility and budget. KEF's unique new Five-2 Series speakers provide an elegant solution to this dilemma.

"The new Five-2 Series speakers build on our award winning KEF Instant Theatre technology and bring it to new applications and levels of performance," said Alec Chanin, president of KEF America. "The Five-2 Series Model 7 and Model 11 offer a unique patented acoustic solution to those who either cannot or would prefer not to accommodate five separate speakers and the associated wiring spread around their room, but would still like to enjoy the exciting experience of true 5.1 channel home theater sound."

The Five-2 Series speakers' name derives from their ability to produce true five channel sound from just 2 patented speaker enclosures. The completely new line is comprised of the Model 7 bookshelf speaker system (seven drivers) and the Model 11 floor standing speaker system (eleven drivers). Both models feature a slender and elegant "racetrack" shaped enclosure and are available in either a matt silver or high gloss black finish to match most of today's popular flat panel displays. Optional matching floor stands and wall brackets are available for use with the Model 7s.

KEF achieves true five-channel, no compromise sound from two speaker enclosures by combining their patented Uni-Q® 'point source' drivers in a multi-driver array with a uniquely new application of NXT® flat panel technology. Although housed in only two enclosures, true, discrete left/center/right and left/right surround signals are fed to and reproduced by different drivers within the enclosures. The inherently broad dispersion pattern of KEF's patented Uni-Q® drivers creates a rock-solid center-fill, while the wide, diffused soundfield from the dipole NXT® flat panels provides spacious surround and ambient effects.

Both KEF Five-2 systems feature the latest generation of Uni-Q® drivers, which are capable of even deeper bass and greater dynamics than their widely praised predecessors, and the newly optimized NXT® panels deliver even greater rear channel "punch."

And the Uni-Q's extremely wide and uniform dispersion pattern insures that an entire roomful of family and friends share equally in the experience, rather than just those sitting in a small 'sweet spot' as is the case with conventional application speakers.

This ingenious design – patented and only available from KEF – delivers all the subtleties and spatial depth encoded in today's digital formats and eliminates the need for a multi-speaker set-up and the associated complex, unsightly wiring it requires.

Hook up of the Five-2 Series Speakers is simplicity itself, and they are designed to be used with any digital A/V home theater receiver and KEF Subwoofer, thus providing the utmost flexibility in terms of both performance and budget. Although any KEF Subwoofer may be used with the Five-2 Series Speakers, KEF's new generation HTB2 Sub, available in the same matt silver and high gloss black finishes, makes for an ideal match.

KEF Five-2 Series speakers will be available October 2006 and the Model 7 and Model 11 will retail at $1,000 and $1,800 respectively.

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