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InterVideo WinDVD 7 Optimized for IntelClear Video Technology Featured in the Latest On-market Intel G965 Express Chipset

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FREMONT, Calif. - September 28, 2006 -- InterVideo®, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII), a leading provider of multimedia technologies, announced today its flagship software player InterVideo WinDVD® 7 is now optimized for Intel® Clear Video Technology to enable a rich high-definition video playback experience on PC.

"High definition is currently the most exciting part of people's digital life," said Steve Ro, CEO and President of InterVideo. "One of the major ways that consumers can enjoy high-definition video right now is to play it back on their PC-based devices, such as Media Center PCs. InterVideo's player software, partnered with Intel's HD-capable hardware, is an unbeatable combination."

WinDVD 7 is optimized for Intel Clear Video Technology to enable a rich, high-definition video playback experience on your PC without expensive add-in cards or decoders. Hardware acceleration support and advanced de-interlacing deliver stutter free playback with clearer, more detailed images by eliminating many of the jagged edges associated with interlaced content.

"Intel is working with key software developers like InterVideo to enable the full benefits of Intel Clear Video Technology for digital home consumers," said Intel's Richard Malinowski, Vice President, Mobility Group and General Manager, Chipset Group. "Intel Clear Video Technology enables a rich new media experience for Intel G965 Express chipset based platforms by using new chipset capabilities to deliver smooth, stutter free high-definition playback and sharp, colorful images."

Intel's new line of chipsets features the G965 Express chipset, sporting new 3D capabilities as well as Intel Clear Video Technology. Intel Clear Video Technology is a combination of video processing hardware and software technologies delivering enhanced high-definition video playback, shaper images, precise color control and advanced display capability. Intel Clear Video Technology uses advanced de-interlacing technology and ProcAmp color controls to deliver sharper, more vibrant video images. This technology is available on all Intel G965 Express chipset-based platforms.

InterVideo has been working with Intel to ensure the highest level of compatibility and synergy between Intel's processing hardware and InterVideo's industry-leading playback software.

Pricing and Availability
WinDVD 7 with Intel Clear Video Technology support is now available on InterVideo website at Consumers can now download the trial version or purchase it at WinDVD 7 retail price.

About InterVideo, Inc.
InterVideo is a leading provider of integrated digital and high-definition multimedia and audio/video content solutions in the PC, CE and wireless industries. The company's broad suite of integrated multimedia software products are designed to enhance the consumer's entertainment experience, whether the content is delivered to a home system, HDTV set, wireless system, mobile or personal multimedia device. InterVideo's unique iMobi™ multimedia codec technologies are widely used by Smartphones, GPS units and portable entertainment device OEMs and ODMs to enhance music and video enjoyment¡Kanyplace, anytime. The firm's worldwide headquarters is at 46430 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA, 510-651-0888, InterVideo also has major offices in Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China and around the globe. For more information, visit

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