Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ZVOX 315 Sound Console

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ZVOX 315 is a type of audio speaker that does not promise much. What it promises is simple - bigger better sound out of a small box ( not small as in "Bose"). This unit is definitely not for audiophiles but it is a perfect solution for crappy sound that your TV "makes". It is even designed as an AV component giving us the possibility to stick it in the open drawer underneath the TV. ZVOX features a built-in 40w audio amp, 20 for sub and 20 for the rest of the drivers. Subwoofer goes down to 63Hz which is way better than what you get with 90% of TVs. ZVOX 315 packaged with all necessary cables to connect to your audio source. Two stereo inputs can be used with variable outputs or headphone jacks, such as one from iPod. There is also an optional $15 set of wires that lets you connect the box directly to AV Receiver's speaker terminals.
In short, for the $200 price tag this is an incredible upgrade to your TV if you like the simplest solution.

Source: ZVOX Audio

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