Friday, July 29, 2005

Axiom Audio Epic 80-600 System Review

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Axiom Audio is Canadian company that markets and sells its loudspeaker products
exclusively on Internet. Well, it is audio and one would like to hear before
buying, you could say. Absolutely! First of all, even if you listen to the
speakers in the store, it may not be the same in your home. Not just for that
reason, Axiom guarantees 30-day money back, which simply says return it if you
don't like it. Of course, it will require you to pay the shipping fees but I
have yet to hear a story that someone has returned Axiom's product. And as any
sane person would do before clicking "confirm my order", is research the product.
And there it comes - absolutely wonderful review of Axiom Audio's flagship
speaker system - Epic 80-600. It is priced at $3681 which is not expensive at
all compared to similar packages from other companies. In fact, the price is
actually a bargain and Ray Adkins proves that in his review:

The Axiom speaker systems I reviewed were absolutely unbelievable. The speaker's excellent build quality, high performance, and excellent customer support and service offered by Axiom make these an easy recommendation. These speakers are without a doubt among the finest speakers built in Canada. They set a new benchmark for performance at this price and about the only thing left to say is "WOW!"

The review is very thorough and besides covering technical characteristics of
sound reproduction, Ray takes apart the speakers to show you what the guts are
made of. All in all, I highly recommend reading it if you are out in the market
looking for a home theater audio system. Epic 80-600 5.1 loudspeaker set can
make you really happy for years to come. Thanks Ray!


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