Sunday, July 24, 2005

HDCP Filter for Denon 1910 DVD Player

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Strangely enough, HDCP removal tools keep coming to my attention. This one has been discovered by folks at AVSForum. It is advertised to work with Denon 1910 only and is sold for US $129. Even with its limitation of working with one DVD player only, it is still a good deal: Denon 1910 runs somewhere at $200 + $129 + shipping is less than DVI-to-RGB converters from Spatz or Dtrovision. And there is one little advantage: this unit is DVI-to-DVI HDCP stripper.

The HDCP-Filter for Denon 1910 completely removes HDCP from the DVI-D output of this DVD player. The Denon 1910 DVD player is fitted with a DVI output, for a pure digital connection to a plasma or LCD display without any loss in picture quality. This DVI output is protected with HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection), a copy protection scheme, added to prevent unauthorized copying.

Is there an agreement between Denon and JVB Digital? How does it work with Denon 1910 and not with anything else? Comment if you have any thoughts ...

Source: AVSForum and JVBDigital

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