Wednesday, July 20, 2005

DeathStar Subwoofer

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This subwoofer was ebayed and sold for £310. Grab the plans in case you decide to make one. And don't forget to come back with your pictures.

And here are some funny questions to the seller you might enjoy:

Q: A speaker you say? so it's NOT a moon. Do I get lots of little Storm Troopers living in it too??
A:I'm unable to disclose this information, you may be part of the Rebel Alliance.
Q: Will it include any anti-attack firing batteries to ensure my girlfriend doesn't mount a sneak attack? I suspect she is a rebel sympathizer.
A: It's defenses against girlfriends are a known weakness... hence the reason it's on ebay :)
Source: Engadget and Ebay UK

Posted by Mike at 2:15 PM

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