Monday, July 18, 2005

Philips DVP9000S DVD SACD player released

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Philips UK has released its DVP9000s DVD/SACD player. Price of the unit is £400 ($700) not just for its excellent style. The guts of this unit are top notch for mass market consumer product. Scaling to 720p or 1080i is done by Faroudja's FLI2300 chip. Digital to analog conversion of video is done by NSV's 12bit DAC. On the audio side Cirrus Logic's CS4398 that is capable of 192KHz/24 output is used in conjunction with Analog Devices ADi8066 low-noise op-amps. Those are pretty impressive components for a product of this price range.
Another feature that is packed in DVP9000s is bass management that lets you control audio frequency that goes to subwoofer. In other words, a digital crossover.
You can take advantage of HDMI, Component, or SCART outputs. For audio it is optical and coax.

Source: AVReview UK

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