Thursday, July 14, 2005

DVI HDCP to RGB No HDCP converter

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I will call this company a rebellion. They did what the rest didn't - they made HDCP go away. The little unit from Spatz-Tech converts DVI to RGB. We all know that HDCP is for digital signals thus RGB output is not protected. Of course, there is a loss of quality from DVI to RGB jump, but hey, without HDCP life is simpler. This little gem is somewhat pricey [we got to whine about something , don't we ] - 350 euros, but look at what they are doing with all the risks factored in.
We wonder what Hollywood will do if this thing gets widespread?
[Update] Read about US sibling of this converter here

Source: CD Freaks and Spatz-tech

Posted by Mike at 8:47 PM

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