Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Another HDCP stripper - this one from US

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It has been few days that I wrote about DVI-to-RGB transcoder from Spatz. Happens to be that another company, this time located in US, has been making exactly same box that forgets the existence of HDCP. Dtrovision's DC-DA1 DVI to RGB converter box looks so similar to that one of Spatz that I start to suspect one of them is just re-branding it or both are re-branding it from the third, invisible, company.
Dtrovision does not state anything about HDCP compatibility on their web site but resellers do advertise the feature without any problem. It is priced at $399, about $22 less than its counterpart in Germany. The fun part is that the cost to make this boxes runs somewhere in $50 vicinity according to my rough calculations that include DVI receiver IC, video DAC, bunch of little electronic parts and connectors, the box, and license fees for HDCP ( you cannot buy DVI receiver IC without showing proof of being an HDCP licensee) and they are selling it for $399. The high MSRP leads me to believe that Dtrovision targets those customers who know exactly what it is capable of. Source: DTROVision and DigitalConnection.com

Posted by Mike at 1:24 PM

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