Sunday, July 03, 2005

Opinion: Sling Media PlaceShifter

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Time shifting came first. Placeshifting is next except that it is using the "shifting" suffix without promising the same advantage. I don't think it is going to earn as much audience as timeshifting. Let me be wrong!

Basically, this little box will transmit your video signal from where the TV and other components are to any PC around the house or, if connected with high speed, anywhere you want. Latter means that if someone is broadcasting its TV out of the house there definitely are evil forces to intercept your paid cable or satellite, not counting what they can poke with while watching TV. Reminds not protected WiFi. With this feature some people will now go "I'll be watching my TiVo at work". Actually, SlingMedia does advertise something like watch the game while on a conference call. That sounds pathetic.
If the idea was good, any HTPC would have this as a feature since it is very not difficult to implement using existing web streaming technologies.
Long story short, I will only be glad to see this thing fly.

eHomeUpgrades or visit the manufacturer for specs.

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