Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sharp AQUOS LC-65GE1 65-inch LCD in US before Christmas

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Sharp announced that it will be exporting its 65-inch LCD TV to US. The price tag for Japanese model is about $14800 so expect about the same for US market. There is a possibility that Europe might get this toy but no announcement on that. Anyways, LC-65GE1 features a 1920x1080 native 1080p resolution panel, low reflection screen, digests all possible inputs up to 1080p ( obliviously ). There are HDMI, DVI, well , all types of inputs for video. On audio side it is equipped with 1-bit digital amplifier. The scaler box also features LAN, 56L modem, i. Link but I doubt that all of that will reach us. Maybe i.Link. One more thing, life expectancy on back light is 60000 hours.
Just don't expect to see this model in your local BestBuy because Sharp isn't going to mass produce them. Japan got only 300 of them. We probably will get 1000.

Source: I4U, Engadget

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