Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hannspree's idea of "in style" TV

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Taiwan's Hannspree is about to release to the wild a designer collection of LCD TV sets. Yup, you heard it right, the "designer" collection. Public can appreciate anything from Elephant to Soccer ball ornaments. I kinda like the french fries incarnation.
No matter where you go, everybody loves french fries. This TV set celebrates its popularity with fun, funky design that features golden yellow three-dimensional fries popping out of its case. The fries are made or rubber-like materials and are soft to the touch. In fact, they bounce! And don't forget the ketchup - that's the remote!

So, ketchup remote, bouncy 3D fries,.... The pity is it does not have a matching soda cup speakers and burger shaped subwoofer.
Want specs, anyone? ... Okay, who cares!

Source: Hannspree and KansasCity

Posted by Mike at 9:48 PM

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