Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tweeter drops Monster!

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Yes, finally. Anything that hurts Monster Cable is good. Tweeter is dropping them and will go on with some other manufactuer.

In an announcement released today, Monster cites concern for Tweeter’s financial condition and the exposure of its four million dollar credit line. In what only appears to make sense, Monster had decided to roll back Tweeters credit line “to commensurate levels and recommended a shortening of terms that would still allow Tweeter's Monster business to continue.” But apparently Tweeter was not happy with this decision and as a result plans to drop all Monster products and replace them with other vendors.
After Tweeter, two more major retailers left selling Monster - BestBuy and Circuit City. Hope someday these deals go bad as well. And hope that Monster goes bankrupt with the their ugly business plan that is designed for ripping customers off with nonsense.

Source: Designtechnica

Posted by Mike at 1:28 PM

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