Wednesday, September 21, 2005

CEDIA 2005 Projector Roundup

This site has moved to has an article on some of the notable front projectors shown at CEDIA 2005. Reviewer just shares his thoughts on most interesting units. In short, he covers SIM2 C3X, Sony Qualia VPL100, Projector Design's 3-chip native 1080p DLP prototype projector as well as budget priced ($6000 - $7000) DarkChip3 DLP projector, Vidikron's (aka Runco nowadays) super-expensive $43000 projector that with the anamorphic lens can show 2.35:1 image without any letterboxing. BenQ showed their new PE8720 DarkChip3 DLP projector but lacked to show any content except some HD video. According to ProjectorReviews the reds on the unit were off and the hope is that BenQ will address that in final version of the projector. This unit is priced at about $8000 and will not be mainstream but for custom installers only. PE8720 offers a lens shift and is very silent. Optoma is another manufacturer in the overview list and they showed full line of their DLP projectors including MovieTime DV10 DVD/projector combo. Epson was introducing itself with 3 new LCD projectors: Pro Cinema 800, Cinema 550, and all-in-one projector MovieMate 25. DWIN has showed their DuoVision dual display system which I have covered in an extensive post. Yamaha introduced DPX-1300 - an upgrade to DarkChip3 from DarkChip2.
ProjectorReviews also covered the Screen Innovation's Mirage daylight screen. It is truly wonderful but sure is pricey at $4000 for a 100 incher.
The author mentions that some of the manufacturers did not setup a dark environment for projector shows which makes me wonder why those people even bothered to rent all that high priced space and trash it.


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