Monday, September 19, 2005

Polk Audio Announces Active In-Wall Speakers

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Polk Audio, with help of D2Audio, has presented first active in-wall speakers. Rectangular LC265i-IP and the round LC80i-IP loudspeakers are from the regular Polk Audio LC lineup with addition of D2Audio's digital amplifier, crossover and room correction DSP all attached to the speakers. These speakers also feature TCP/IP connectivity for control purposes.
The three-way LC265i-IP is priced at $1500 a piece and the LC80i-IP is $1200 each. Loudspeaker require SPS-1 power supply that will sell for $800 each and is capable of powering up a pair. So you would need 2 and a half :) to power up all 5 channels.

While the Polk LCi-IP Series speakers provide the greatest functionality when used within a NetStreams DigiLinXâ„¢ system, they can also accept inputs from any analog distributed audio system and still deliver significant performance benefits. vPolk Audio's LCi-IP Series models feature technologies such as advanced ring radiator tweeters and Aerated Polypropylene cones. These are the same technologies used in Polk's critically acclaimed LSi Series loudspeakers to deliver the performance of stand-alone models. The rectangular model features Polk's patented Power Port technology and available Performance Enclosures for consistent, high performance bass response.

LC265i-IP and LC80i-IP will be available in October.

Source: Audioholics and Engadget

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