Monday, September 12, 2005

Optoma BigVizion 100" Rear-Projection DLP Monitor

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Optoma showed at CEDIA 2005 a new rear-projection DLP system named BigVision. It consists of a projector, and 100 inch mirror. The projector is obviously installed behind the screen which means system requires a small room behind it. Optoma claims only 30 inches needed behind the screen for the installation. This projection system is designed for those who are just building a house or are going through a major remodeling. Or, if you are really desperate, you could tear down the wall between the living room and bedroom and build a screen into it. Make sure it is your bedroom cause no one else would like to have a heater in there in hot summer nights. But of course, being able to install such a system is going to look very cool and clean.
Specifications for this system are not yet clear from the report. The only reported fact is that projector is a 1080p. Optoma BigVision will be available in second quarter of 2006 and is expected to be $20000.

Source: Engadget

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