Thursday, September 08, 2005

Denon Smart Life S-101 is in Europe

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They first went on sale in Japan. UK is getting it pretty soon if not now.
As we said before, this system fully supports iPod (of any type, except Shuffle) and even provides menus that look identical to iPod's navigation menus and all this with Denon remote control. Cool, isn't it? No need to buy a dock - cable is included. Even more, when connected to TV, it is capable of showing the pictures stored on your iPod Photo. Note that the connection between iPod and the Smart Life S-101 and S-301 is digital and skips the analog headphone circuit. On top of this, Smart Life charges the iPod.
Besides iPod, S-101 plays back DVD, CD, MP3, and WMA with Denon AL24 processing. The unit includes a AM/FM tuner.
S-101 includes 2 2-way speakers with 19mm dome tweeter and a 100Watt 200mm long throw subwoofer. The speakers come packaged with bookshelf stands as well as wall mounts. S-101 features room correction so you can get a perfect sound regardless of loudspeakers position.
The system is suggested at £849.99.

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Source: HomeCinemaChoice and AVReview UK

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