Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Loewe's Individual Goes "Build-My-Car" Style

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So far we could only configure cars on websites. Choose colors, packages, etc. Not any more. Loewe just brought the pleasure into the home theater market. You can visit their web site and pick and choose colors and material for the flat panel bezel to match your mood or surroundings. Loewe Individual is named appropriately for the matter. For the side color you can choose one from the full palette (number of colors is limited by your video card's color depth). One the left is one to match my current web design (don't even start, i am working on it). The tool will also let you select from their fashionable stands or hangers.
TechDigest also reports that you could do one-of-a-kind design by sticking Swarovsky crystals and even leather trimmed.
Specs? If something looks this good - who needs specs. You won't be looking at the picture, at least for a couple of month. By then I ll get you specs :).
Here is a link for you to enjoy.

Source: TechDigest

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