Thursday, September 01, 2005

IFA 2005 News from Berlin

This site has moved to reports on following home theater products from IFA 2005 taking place in Berlin, Germany.

JVC's new USB digital TV tuner:

"device from JVC that turns your PC into a digital TV box. Rather than the usual clumsy digital terrestrial (DVB-T) adaptor that bolts onto the side of your PC, this neat little TV tuner plugs directly into the USB 2.0 port of your computer and is, apparently, no bigger than a Swiss Army knife."

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Sharp 65-inch LCD TV and Panasonic 65-inch plasma:

Always at these kinds of shows manufacturers try to outdo each other with, childlike, 'mine's bigger than yours' claims.
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Thomson's (aka RCA in Western Hemisphere ) Digital Media Bridge. This is interesting since the bridge, among usual streaming from your PC to the TV or stereo it is HD compatible, namely 720p for moving images ( i.e movie ) and 1080i for still images (Yeah, I am confused too). I am sure by the time that HD gets to your display - it won't look like HD due to tremendous compression. This does not sound real for 250 UK pounds.

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