Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Final Sound Model 400i and 600i Speakers

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Final Sound, maker of high-end electrostatic loudspeakers in Netherlands, is shipping its Model 400i Reference Speakers claimed to be less expensive in comparison to other high-end electrostatic speakers and I bet they mean Martin Logan.

"The Model 400i Stereo Speakers feature Final’s exclusive Inverter Technology™, which dramatically broadens the audio image and makes it possible to manufacture the speakers at a substantially lower cost than comparable high-end electrostatics."
Company reports that Model 400i is built on completely redesigned technology and their patent-pending Inverter Technology results in a higher impedance for the Model 400i which means less power is needed to drive them. Final Sound allows a minimum of 50W RMS per channel amplification and recommends 75-150Watt for optimal performance. Model 400i covers 65Hz to 25Khz spectrum [ there is controversy here: the web site says 50Hz-25Khz ] and is suggested at $3000 per pair. You can combine 2 pairs of Model 400i References and a Model 400i Center Channel into a Home Theater Surround Package at $6999.
There is a bigger brother for 400i - Model 600i. The frequency range for 600i series is 45 Hz to 25 kHz. There is no information on the price but I can speculate it will be a 1000 or 1500 more.
These speakers are powered by a 12V power supply so make sure you have a power plug close to where you will be installing them.

Both speakers are floorstanding, however they can be wall mounted to match Plasma and LCD displays. I do think it is not only convenient but also great looking to have great sound hanging of the wall.

In addition to 400i and 600i series, company has "budget" versions that some might find useful - Model 80i and 100i.

In conclusion all I can say that these are very good looking speakers with a convenient installation option. I cannot judge about the quality but am looking for reviews and opinions.

Source: ECoustics and FinalSound

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