Wednesday, August 31, 2005

JVC UX-WD700 Mini AV System

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JVC has announced UX-WD700 mini AV player that packs DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CD, MD, and even Tape playback capability. The UX-WD700 features easy recording to MD and Tape from DVD or CD and front panel installed LINE IN. Besides LINE-IN there is also digital optical input that only understands PCM formated audio. Optical output can do Dolby Digital and DTS in case you want to connect it to another decoder. Video ouputs are 1 per component, S-Video, and composite. Speakers are shielded 3-way bass reflex and JVC does not provide frequency response or any other information on them at this time. Lastly, there is an FM/AM tuner to make UX-WD700 a complete standalone unit for your office or bedroom.
I do have a strong feeling that UX-WD700 will not be available in US or Europe just by seeing MD and Tape drives. They are not popular anywhere but Japan.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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