Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Marantz drops low-end "Music Dialog Invitation" System

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Marantz today introduced "Music Dialog Invitation" low-end hifi system for Japanese crowd. The system consists of 2 pieces and and a pair of B&W DM600 S3 speakers. The CD5400 CD player is also capable of CD, SACD, and DVD-Audio with Cirrus Logic CS4392 DAC chip outputting at 24bit/192KHz. An interesting function is present - "QUICK REPLAY" - it lets you do, uh ..., a quick replay of last few seconds of the audio so you can really understand what Reverend J.Jackson is sayin' with single push of a button on the remote. Below are the specs for CD player:

Frequency characteristic 2hz-20kHz
Dynamic range 100dB
S/N ratio 110 D B
Channel separation (1kHz) 100dB
Total height harmonic wave distortion factor (1kHz) 0.0025%
Wow and flutter Crystal precision
Voice response Imbalance 2.0V rms
Head phone output (variable maximum) 18mW/32 Omega
Digital output Pin jack 0.5vp-p (75 Omega)
Optical output (angular type optical connector) -19dBm
Optical reading system Laser AlGaAs semiconductor
Wave length 780nm
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Power source voltage AC 100V 50/60Hz
Electric power consumption electric supplies safe method 13 W

The PM4400 pre-main amplifier's partial table of spec followed:

Rated output 8 Omega loads 30W×2
6 Omega loads 40W×2
4 Omega loads 50W×2
Dynamic power 8 Omega loads 50W×2
6 Omega loads 60W×2
4 Omega loads 70W×2
Total height harmonic wave distortion factor (20Hz - 20kHz both ch drive 8 Omega load) 0.03%
Cross modulation distortion factor (SMPTE) 0.015%
Output bandwidth (8 Omega loads, 0.04%) 10Hz - 50kHz

At last, here is the spec for B&W DM600 S3 Speakers:

2 ways 2 speaker Bus reflex type
Use unit
1×130mm Kevler (R) cone mid- / woofer
To 1×25mm metal dome ・ eater
Playback frequency zone
55hz - 42kHz (-6dB)
Frequency response
75hz - 22kHz (±3dB)
Output overpressure value
88dB (2.3v/1m)
Nominal impedance
8 Omega (minimum of 3.0 Omega)
Crossover frequency
Recommendation power amplifier output
25w - 100W
External size H×W×D
286mm x 175mm x 219mm

The system price is 102000 YEN without tax (about US $928).

Source: AkihabaraNews

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