Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heliodisplay Projects Video into Thin Air

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Remember latest James Bond movies with their super projections into the air. Or at least you should remember how messages were sent in Star Wars. The princess pops up in the air from a magical device. I am sure you do. Well, it is not a fiction anymore. IO2Technologies has developed and is ready to release its Heliodisplay projector. It streams the image into the ambient air and is backwards compatible with current 2D video formats and can be connected to any source including HD video. It is interesting that they already mention word 'backwards'. 2D for them is so last year because they mastered the art of true 3D. These displays are available in sizes from 22" to 42". Some models are touch sensitive. You just stick your finger in the air and it detects what you want. Basically, everything we've seen the movies is made possible with Heliodisplay.
I am too excited to even talk about every other aspects such as quality. This is a 1.0 ( maybe 0.9) version and may, I repeat may, become the next big thing.

Source: RedNova and IO2Technologies

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