Monday, August 15, 2005

HDMI HDCP Training

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I am reading the press release from KeyDigital about their plan to do a training session at CEDIA on HDMI HDCP and think - there still sooo much fluff in home theater market. Here is a quote from the news:

The HDMI plug-and-play digital interface is several steps ahead of DVI. By attending these crucial Key Digital(R) trainings, you will learn the benefits and advantages of using HDMI with HDCP copy protection, and implementation tricks and pitfalls. Future-proof your next installation and learn all about HDMI and HDCP from Mike Tsinberg, an expert in digital video technology and solutions. Product training will then let you walk away in confidence, that you've mastered this latest digital interface standard. You'll learn all there is to know, from choosing the right HDMI cable, to how HDMI lets the display talk to the DVD player.

Now, what in the hell they mean by several steps ahead of DVI? Both darn cables provide absolutely same signal for video. HDMI has more wires for audio but it is not future proof because of 2-channel audio support only. Hey guys, (installers or whoever is planning to attend this meeting) - wake up! I don't even want to start talking about Monster Cable and Runco. That's a topic on its own and pretty long one.

Source: BusinessWire

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