Saturday, August 13, 2005

New WXGA 1280x768 DarkChip2 DLP

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Texas Instruments announced new 0.65-inch 1280x768 DarkChip2 DLP chip. It will support Brilliant Color which is enabled by the new companion DDP3020 Imaging ASIC. Since this IC is a DarkChip2, it will be used in budget DLP projectors. I would expect projectors to start appearing in about 3-4 months. For sure there will be bunch of them on the next CES.
TI has been shipping 1280x720 DLP chips for a while now and this is a perfect resolution for 720p. The question is why do they need a 1280x768. My assumption is they are targeting this chip for a presentation market. It is WXGA that most laptops support natively. Time will show.

Source: GazAV

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