Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Neat Low Profile HTPC case from

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Mini-ITX has a catchy case for Mini-itx and Micro ATX form factor motherboards. The case is very thin and has a great appeal. The measurements for Low Profile Media Case are 53mm height, 430mm width and 270mm depth. It comes in black or silver to match the rest of the components and priced a bit less than $90 without shipping. Case includes quiet 200W power supply that among everything standard can drive SATA drive ( cool, huh! ), a floppy and even a Pentium 4 CPU. According to specification, Low Profile Media Case can house one PCI card using a riser card. It is unclear if dual riser card fits the case and there are no additional pics to look at. I will shoot them an email to clarify.
Anyways, if number of PCI cards is not an issue, this is definitely a case worth considering.


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