Monday, August 08, 2005

DVD players will be in rule ...

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... of your home theater networks and not computers, Gartner analysis suggests. Ok, they actually said not just networked DVD players, but DVRs and game consoles. And computer is out of the picture. Has it ever been in control of majority of home theaters? No. Microsoft is hoping so but I doubt that average Joe wants to have complications while watching a movie. And yes there are and will be complications with computers regardless of maturity level of software. Not only the complication but the price as well sets the trend observed by Gartner. Home Theater or Home Automation computers are still just computers with special software and hardware to preform specific duties. And thus, having the cheapest computer price set to around $500 it is far more cost effective to buy a DVD player or DVR with additional functionality built in that will not drive the price to high.
I am not saying that HTPC is a bad thing. In fact it is one of the greatest devices that give you so much control over your home theater environment. You are even open to write your own software for it. And that is the problem with HTPC, too much control, which makes average user confused. That is why HTPC will not be in control of your home, not just home theater.

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