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Denon AVR-3806 and AVR-4306 A/V Receivers

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Denon is on a frenzy of releasing new products this summer. The company "allowed" Audioholics to reveal information about its upcoming AVR-3806 and AVR-4306 receivers. MSRPs are $1999 for AVR-4306 and $1299 for AVR-3806.
Both of the receivers are XM Satellite Radio ready but will require an optional antenna. AVR-4306 features a USB port to connect to iPod or iPod likes. I can speculate that integration with iPod will be the same way as their s101 and s301 mimic iPod menus giving us much better experience with a familiar device.
Both receivers feature HDMI switching but only AVR-4306 will upconvert and upscale from component to HDMI. Moreover, AVR-4306 can be connected and controlled by a PC via RS232 serial connection. Both units feature room correction feature for calibrating the audio system and packaged with a microphone to make our life easier. This is very notable since I have not seen any other midrange A/V receiver not only feature room correction functionality but also come with a microphone.
Last but not least, AVR4306 is a 7 x 130 Watt at 8 Ohm with <0.05 THD and AVR3806 is at 7 x 120W at 8 Ohm with <0.05 THD. Both units use Burr-Brown DACs. Enough said! The list of everything else can be found at the source.


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