Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ScreenPlay 777 3-chip DLP Projector is "cheap" now

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InFocus announced a price drop on their ScreenPlay 777 3-chip DLP projector. Now you can have one for just $15000. Make sure you are can annoy people at dealership and whine about budget and I am sure they will give you some more discount. Keep in mind that this projector has been initially introduced with whopping $30000 price tag. I guess they only sold a couple at that price.
Anyways, this monster features 3 HD2+ DMDs, one for red, green, and blue. Has a DVI HDCP input and can support up to 1080p/24Hz. You can get more specifications at www.infocushome.com.
So what is this all about: no more 3-chip DLP projectors or new one is coming?

Source: BusinessWire

Posted by Mike at 5:30 PM

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