Friday, September 09, 2005

Home Theater Mistakes Commented

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Although it is entertaining and sometimes useful to read top N mistakes or good practices of home theater most of the time it leads to confusions. Chris Roper has put up an article on on top 10 mistakes people do in home theater. I could go on with commenting on the stuff he wrote but it is late. I just picked his #1 - see below:

#1: Poor Cabling

Rule #1 after buying a new component for your system: make sure it's wired with the best cables you can get. We literally cringe when we see someone using a composite cable when they have perfectly good S-Video or component inputs on their display. Likewise, stock speaker cable is generally quite poor and not properly shielded, diminishing the audio quality if your new system.

It has been known for years that cabling is a hype. For audio it does not make any difference as long as the cable is thick enough for the wattage. And I am not saying more. It was said enough before me and will be countless times. As far as the video goes - this guy says use a S-Video cable and not composite. This is not a cable question but output type issue. What needs to be said is simple: if one has component input/output - one should use component input/output. Also, adviser should say that DVI or HDMI is better than anything else since they are digital and there is no noise while converting to and from analog. And if there is no digital input/output the signal quality decreases in this order: component or RGB, S-Video, and composite as the last resort. This is not a cabling question.


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