Thursday, September 08, 2005

Panasonic intros PT-AE900 LCD Projector

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Panasonic introduced its PT-AE900 projector that is a close match to Sanyo PLV-Z4 and EPSON PJ-TX200. As with the other two it has 3 720p (1280x720) LCD panels and includes a dynamic iris. Panasonic incorporates proprietary "Smooth Video" technology and to prove it the company showed the projector right next to a $50,000 Christie digital projector. I don't really know how they achieved that but it seems very impressive. We just need to find out what video source they have used :). The projector features HDMI, RGB, Component, S-Video, and composite inputs located on the back panel of the unit.

It is reported that:

"The settings include Cinema 1 (ideal for watching movies), Cinema 2 (for viewing older films and classics), Cinema 3 (action films and animated cartoons), Video (music or sports programs), Natural (setting designed to reproduce colors of the image source), Normal (general image setting for a variety of sources) and Dynamic (designed for use in a brightly lit room). These are chosen in addition to user selectable gamma levels, color temperature, and color management adjustments for a fully adjustable image. Also new is a learning Remote Control, which enables you to control all the peripherals to the home theater, such as DVD Player, Amplifier, room lighting, and projector screen."

PT-AE900 will be shipping in October and is expected to be priced less than $2500.

Source: Broadcast News Room

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