Tuesday, September 20, 2005

FireWire over Coax

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The 1394 Trade Association is working on a specification to run IEEE1394 (aka FireWire or i.Link) over a coax cable basically in favor of cable companies so they can use their current wires. For those who does not know FireWire's bandwidth is 400Mbps and according to the report this will let cable operators to provide quality HDTV content. Yeah, right! Do some math and see how much compression that 1080i signal will be getting to easily travel over FireWire. Oh, and thousand other channels will be crammed into the same wagon. It will probably be better than what we have now but our TV sets will be craving for some real 1080p by the time the spec is accepted and implemented. As if this was not enough, same work is being done to use IEEE1394 over CAT-5. That's even worse - 100Mbps. Ughh!

Source: InformationWeek

Posted by Mike at 11:57 PM

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