Monday, September 19, 2005

D-Box Adds the Third Axis to Motion Simulator Chairs

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Spent a fortune on your equipment and you think you got it all? Does your sofa shake when that U-boat is in 200 yard radius? No? Here is a solution for you. It does not come cheap, may even hurt, but the experience could be worth all $10000 with D-Box's newly announced motion simulator recliner that is now capable of moving in all 3 dimension with addition of vertical motion. Quest X3ME is pronounced "extreme" and controlled by either a standalone controlled or a PC installed with PC3 Motion Controller Interface software. D-Box, thinking since you went all the way and dropped 10 bigs on the chair, is not shy asking for extra $4299 for a controller or $799 for the PC software.

Source: eCoustics

Posted by Mike at 6:02 PM

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