Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Atlantic Technology In-Wall Closed Box Speakers

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Atlantic Technology, makers of high-end audio equipment and speakers, has a in-wall loudspeaker that is enclosed in its box. According to company, they sound as freestanding speakers.
Speakers have built-in room correction functionality and here is how Atlantic Tech describes them:
the IWCB-525 includes a trio of acoustic controls to allow installers to tailor performance to the listening room. The first of these is Atlantic’s exclusive DVC™ (Directional Vector Control), which is used to direct the tweeter’s radiation pattern electronically without having to resort to clumsy mechanical swiveling devices. Secondly, a High Frequency Energy switch is used to adjust tweeter level for rooms that are acoustically bright or dull. Lastly, a Boundary Compensation toggle can be used to adjust the lower-midrange output to compensate for the sound colorations that occur when the speaker is placed near a ceiling or side wall. The speaker also includes an IR knockout, making it simple to integrate a remote IR sensor into the speaker front plate.
Loudspeakers are priced at $750 each and will be available in December of 2005.

Source: Atlantic Technology

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