Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Griffin BlueTrip Connects iPod with Stereo

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Griffin announced preorder availability for BlueTrip - an accessory to iPod that will help you stream your music to your stereo via bluetooth. BlueTrip obviously consists of a receiver that has digital coax, stereo RCA and a headphone outputs. I do understand coax and RCA outputs but have no idea why someone would route the music through the iPod over bluetooth and listen to it using headphones plugged into the BlueTrip base? Strange. The transmitter is designed a la iPod and snaps right on the top of the player and sucks the music and the batteries out of the iPod. However it does turn the iPod into a remote control but limits your travel distance to 30 feet in radius from where the base is. Overall, this is a nice device to have for $150 with one caveat - support for only 3G, 4G, iPod Mini and Photo. Griffin does not even mention if it is compatible with Nano or latest Video iPod? I guess not, cause everyone would ask for video streaming.


Posted by Mike at 11:27 PM

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