Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Axiom W Architectural Series In-Wall/On-Wall Loudspeakers

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Axiom today introduced In-Wall/On-Wall W Series loudspeaker models whose design is based on M series bookshelf speaker that were around for a while. According to Axiom "many current in-wall speakers rely on the cavity behind the wall for speaker loading but have widely variable performance because the sheetrock wall surface vibrates with the rear output from the drivers, producing deeply colored and inaccurate sound.".
Axiom's solution to said problem is simple - an enclosure that is deep enough to fit the wall. Another advantage of this design is that speakers can be used for an on-wall installation.
So, Axiom calls the series Architectural and there are 3 in the lineup: W2, W3, and W22 similar to M2i, M3ti, and M22ti bookshelfs. M series have gotten pretty good reviews but one cannot automagically transfer the fame to W series due to difference in enclosure. Thus, the verdict is to wait for reviews.
Axiom's "W" Architectural Series On-Wall/In-Wall speakers are priced as follows: $220 each for the W2, $245 each for the W3, and $325 each for the W22.

Source: eCoustics

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