Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Onkyo MHP-AV1 Wireless Surround Sound Headphone

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Its funny but I could not believe Onkyo had a wireless headphone over infrared. I suppose they knew that plasma displays make a lots of infrared noise. So if you are one of those lucky Onkyo headphone owners and just unpacking that new plasma, don't expect anything else but image quality. Your headphones gonna kill you. Or ... if you are dead serious about your relationship with Onkyo, wait a bit. They do have a new headphone - MHP-AV1 that works on 2.4 GHz radio frequency. That might cause some trouble with your telephone headsets but that's minor in compare to what IR can do to you. So, MHP-AV1 is capable of doing "Dolby Headphone" which is virtual 5.1 channel with only 2 speakers. The headphone system has power saving feature which turns the headphones off if there is no signal detected. I am sure this will be appreciated by watch-full-season-at-once mothers while baby is asleep.

MHP-AV1's transmitter is equipped with a digital optical and stereo RCA inputs. And, of course, there is a 3.5mm jack for your iPod (ok, and others) to hook in. Transmitter can decode Dolby Digital, Dolby ProLogic II, DTS, PCM, and MPEG-2 AAC. The drivers are 40mm and reportedly are bigger than previous models which should make the sound better.
These cans will be available in Japanese stores in mid December and will run for 35700 Yen (about $311).

Source: Onkyo Japan

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