Friday, October 07, 2005

More Than One Million LCD TV Shippments This Year

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As you know , Taiwan is the first in manufacturing LCD panels. According to ECN Asia, shipment of LCD panels in second quarter of 2005 has increased by 162%. The estimate for the year suggest that more than 1 million units will be shipped.

Shipment volume of the Taiwanese LCD TV industry in the second quarter of 2005 soared 162 percent year-on-year, or 31 percent sequentially, to 1 million units, according to the Market Intelligence Center (MIC). “The stimulation of market demand by price declines and large-scale growth in OEM/ODM orders received by some companies more than offset the adverse factors of sluggish market demand in the European market and unstable supply of 32-inch and larger display panels,” said an MIC analyst.

On a relevant note, DigiTimes reports that Korean manufacturers expect to reach 700,000
LCDs this year. And even more for the next year, since Samsung is on a mission of promoting their 40-inch LCD TVs whose market is estimated to be 2.4 million for the year 2006.
As we can expect, market report such as these two, suggest lower prices for OEMs which, at the end of the day will reflect on the consumer. According to predictions and estimates all around the Internet, not only prices dropping for LCD but also on plasma TVs. That lead me to form my opinion as follows: next year is going to go into the history as the year of Flat Panels and HDTV. At least in United States.

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