Thursday, October 06, 2005

LG showcases Plasma TV with built-in DVR

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LG introduced a new breed of 50 and 60 inch plasma TV sets with integrated DVR. The concept is not new but very hot. Plasma displays have 1366x768 resolution with contrast ratio rated at 5000:1. Units feature Seagate 160GB hard disk and can continuously record and keep the latest hour in case you decide to go back and watch again. Needless to say, PY2DR series have all regular DVR functionality and can record up to 13 hours of high def video or 63 hours of standard definition video. In addition, there is a 9-in-2 memory card reader for displaying pictures on the screen as well as storing them on the hard disk . This combo plasmas have been first presented at CEDIA 2005. There is no information as to when PY2DR is hitting the shelves or how much they will set us back.

Source: LG USA Press Release

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