Monday, October 03, 2005

Toshiba will Show HD-DVD Player at CEATEC

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Armored with "HD DVD is Real!" title, Toshiba comes forth with an announcement that it will demonstrate a HD-DVD player at CEATEC Japan this month.

Here is what Toshiba notes as strengths of HD-DVD.

HD DVD is standardized by the DVD Forum, the international association of some 240 companies, and its physical, file and application formats have been all approved by the Forum. In addition to a versatility that assures support for many applications, including players, recorders, PCs and automotive devices, HD DVD's main features are:
  • The same disc structure as DVD, two 0.6mm-thick polycarbonate discs bonded back-to-back, makes it much easier for HD DVD to achieve backward compatibility with DVD. It also assures easier manufacturing of discs and hardware devices, resulting in lower manufacturing costs.
  • Robust playability, with no need for a disc cartridge to protect against surface blemishes and fingerprints.
  • The ability to meet all capacity demands. The DVD Forum has approved HD DVD-ROM discs with a data capacity of 30GB, and higher capacities are on the way. High data capacity is achieved by adopting a shorter wavelength blue-violet laser and advanced data processing technologies, assuring the ability to store large capacity data sources including high-definition images.
  • Adoption of iHD technology to deliver enhanced user interactivity on PCs and assures optimization for both AV and PC applications.
Source: Toshiba

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