Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pioneer DVR-DT90 and DVR-DT40 HDD/DVD Recorders

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Pioneer Japan has announced 2 HDD/DVD recorders: DVR-DT90 with 500GB hard drive and DVR-DT70 with a 250GB. Both recorders feature HDTV tuners and can store about 58 and 29 hours of HDTV programming. At the lowest quality recording DVR-DT90 can store up to 1422 hours and DZVR-DT70 - 722 hours of programming. This is particularly useful when you out of the town for a while A cool feature is that you can record one show and watch another or record 2 shows at the same time- whichever fits. Units can also record on Dual Layer DVD besides virtually any other format available.
The output of DVR units is HDMI with 702p/1080i, Component (D4), S-Video, and Composite. Audio can be relayed out with digital optical output or regular stereo RCA jacks.
Units will be available in stores of Japan at the end of November.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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