Monday, October 17, 2005

Outlaw LFM-2 Subwoofer

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Last week Outlaw Audio introduced in a press release a new addition to their subwoofer line - LFM-2. It is honestly said in the press release that the subwoofer is developed with help of Dr. Hsu of HSU Audio - manufacturer of successful subwoofers. My say here is that the new LFM-2 is just a rebranded version of Hsu's STF-1. The specs are the same for both: down firing 8 inch driver, 150 Watt RMS amplification ( tops at 800 Watt ), 28.5Hz - 180 Hz frequency response, variable crossover from 30Hz to 90Hz with 24Db octave with bypass option ( in Hsu Audio's terminology: defeatable). Good part is that Outlaw sells this subwoofer for the same price as Hsu: $299.

HSU STM-1 has gotten good reviews in its price category which makes Outlaw an instant winner. Isn't that a great marketing?

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