Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Marantz OPSODIS ES-150 System

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Marantz will demo its version of virtual surround sound with 3-speakers. They call it OPSODIS which stands for OPtimal SOurce DIStribution Technology and is developed by Marantz at Southampton University with help of Kajima Corporation. The technology allows to achieve surround sound impression of a 5.1 channel setup and, amazingly, without requiring the sound to bounce off the walls as Yamaha, Polk have done with their single piece loudspeakers.
The surround sound effect is due to specific angles each speaker driver is setup. There is a caveat, only the right spot will be in true surround "zone". However, this is true even for a regular stereo listening - only one spot in front of the loudspeakers is the right for critical listening.

And here are some tech details:
The ES-150 system is driven by 3 TI DSPs and covers 20Hz - 20KHz frequency range with THD of analog stereo and 1 multichannel ( I wonder what this means 5.1, 7.1 ... ? ) Speakers cover 40Hz - 20KHz and can handle 100 Watt of power. Crossover frequencies are as follows: 180Hz/1.8KHz/5.6KHz.
One thing I cannot understand is why this system has only 2 outputs and 3 speakers. Where do you hook the third speaker?

Price of the system is 367,500 Yen - about $3200

Source: Marantz Japan

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