Thursday, October 13, 2005

GoodGuys are No More!

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As you know, CompUSA acquired GoodGuys store chain. Was it last year ? Do not remember. But today's fact is that GoodGuys California stores close. For good. All the Good stuff is moving over to CompUSA and I doubt they will be able to offer as much as GoodGuys did.
Well, one store less ... Here is a part from the announcement:

All California GoodGuys stores close, while home entertainment products and expertise expand within CompUSA locations. In response to consumer buying preferences and demands, GoodGuys is closing the doors to its 46 locations. But don’t worry. The same home entertainment products and experienced staff you know and trust will soon be found exclusively inside California & Hawaii CompUSA stores. Store closings mean huge savings! These store closings mean huge savings for customers in Good Guys locations, where you’ll find the best in high-end entertainment products, including televisions, video, home audio, cameras and car stereos -- all available with steep discounts.

I just hope CompUSA keeps selling Monitor Audio stuff.

Source: GoodGuys

Posted by Mike at 4:14 PM

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