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Denon DVD-A1XVA 1080p DVD Player

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Denon DVD-A1XV DVD Player
Denon took the 1080p seriously and came up with DVD-A1XVA - DVD player that can output in native 1080p (1920x1080). A1XVA uses ABT Electronics' ( aka DVDo ) integrated circuit for scaling up to 1080p. DVD-A1XVA is sharing its specifications with DVD-A1XV with only one obvious difference: 1080p output. Other than that Denon refers to DVD-A1XV for specifications. Both players can output either in HDMI, DVI, IEEE1394 ( with Denon Link ), and all known analog video types of output. However, note that 1080p can only be outputted on HDMI. Denon did not mention if DVI can be used for 1080p but I assume that would be redundant. Both DVD players use DACs from Analog Devices: 216MHz/14-bit for video and 192KHz/24-bit for audio.
One interesting option of these DVD players, which will be appreciated by audiophiles, is that when listening to audio, video circuitry can be turned off to a minimum with a touch. This is in my opinion an incredible feature. Also, to audiophiles attention, these units have a disk spinner stabilization which brings the errors of reading from the disk to a minimum.
Both players can do DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and CD-R/RW and understand MP3, WMA, and JPEG.
DVD-A1XVA is priced at 451,500 Yen which is a bit short of $4000 and will be available in Japan in the middle of November.

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Source: AkihabaraNews and Denon

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